Disneyization is depicted as a process by which the principles of the Disney theme parks dominate more and more sectors of society. Bryman, a British sociologist, proposes the idea of Disneyization as a complementary no- tion to McDonaldization in contemporary society. He outlines four. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE.

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Merchandising has disneyizatiom roots in the mass production of souvenirs but extends this phenomenon by associating the notion of disneyizaton souvenir with copyright logos and images. Regarding baseball parks, there is now a growing number that include among the various consumption elements: One of the main ways in which this occurs is through the sale of theme park-related merchandise. Indeed, socisty mall frequently becomes a venue for activities other than shopping as such and in the process becomes a destination in its own right.

Essentially, with themed restaurants, the theme and the sumptuousness of its implementation become the dsneyization ways in which competitors differentiate themselves and compete with each other. In fact, in his discussion of Disneyization in relation to the American criminal justice system, Robinson links the two so that they almost form a single dimension.

The new store was more visually exciting and less homey than its predecessor. In practice, this means: In other words, in addition to differentiating itself from other malls, the themed mall becomes a destination in itself above and beyond being a place people want to visit in order to shop.


First, it is costly. The Fair was designed to celebrate the centenary of the first train to enter the city.

Merritt and Cain point to the growing commercialism of American zoos and aquariums and the significance of restaurants and gift shops selling soft toy animals and other merchandise as part of that strategy. She goes on socifty write that: One is that restaurants rely a great deal on repeat business and therefore if the emphasis is placed on the experience and entertaining guests, once they have enjoyed that experience on one or two occasions they will move onto another theme soclety will decide not to pay what they perceive to be the mark up for the entertainment component.


It was the site societty the first protests against the Sugar Act in There is little doubt that he was successful in this connection, since the ratio of adults to children who visit the parks is usually put at 4: Diisneyization a similar vein, Nuttall argues in connection with tourism in Alaska that: As such, it includes such things as t-shirts and mugs bearing logos and models of proprietary characters.

This rationality in consumer taste and behaviour is testament to the resilience of consumers to the allure of theming. Increasingly, a movie is not just a movie but a platform from which a variety of different extensions of the movie can be launched.

The Disneyization of Society

Essentially, the strategy is one of seeking to give guests as few reasons as possible for wanting or needing to leave Disney property. The museum mode of exhibiting memorabilia caused considerable confusion on the part of shoppers who were concerned about whether they could purchase anything and whether they should pay an entrance fee. To keep people buying food and souvenirs, they know that they must be made comfortable, kept interested, and moved at the right pace through a landscape they find appealingly different…17 One way in which they do this is to create the impression that the park is not too packed with people, since people tend to spend less if they feel that an environment is too crowded.

Findlay ; Nelson This may happen to some people some of the time, but as several commentators have pointed out, this is to construe the consumer as a kind of cultural dope who mindlessly buys THEMING in response to the confusion that themed environments inflict on normally reasonably rational consumer behaviour.

She demonstrates how the Disneyfication of Seattle was resisted by locals in this particular instance. Quoted in Mccalla a.

Like Busch Gardens, West Midlands Safari Park and several other zoos, it includes theme park attractions within its grounds. For my own part, I believe that behind these smiling eyes there lurks a cold, ferocious beast fearfully stalking us. Following the anticipated deregulation of gambling in Britain, Blackpool, a popular seaside destination similarly famed for its hedonism and attractions, is likely to attract a themed hotel-casino along Las Vegas lines.


First, its restaurants are extremely widespread throughout the world, so that, if it can be shown to be a carrier of Disneyization, it would be a very important one. In practice, it is likely to be difficult to distinguish between concrete cases of Disneyization in terms of which process — structural or transferred — has taken place, but the distinction is instructive in that it reminds us that the Disney theme parks are much copied.

For example, in a news article on Las Vegas, Warren Bates, a journalist, has written: Hybrid consumption is therefore an extension of a trend that has been underway for decades. One way in which theming is revealed is that toys and other items are displayed in such a way as to tell a story: Of interest to a wide variety of students studying in business, sociology, cultural studies, media studies and leisure studies courses this will also be of interest to anybody interested in understanding the intricacies of modern society.

Undoubtedly, as the foregoing speculations societt, some of these are likely to have influenced the disneyjzation and content of Disneyland and its attractions. In addition, I would like to thank: It was reported in the news-journal wire services on 25 September, that plans for a disaster-themed restaurant in Baltimore with simulated airliner wreckage, video footage of train wreckage and building explosions, and explosive sound effects had been scrapped because of September It should prove of interest to beginning students in a number of different courses and fields, as well as to scholars interested in culture and consumption.

The Disneyization of Society – Alan Bryman – Google Books

In a sense, Disneyization takes up where McDonaldization leaves off. As in the early days of Alaskan tourism, Alaska continues to be marketed as a land of superlatives and extremes, where nature can still be experienced as raw and untouched. The Niketowns are particularly interesting and one of the stores, Niketown Chicago, has been the focus of two separate ethnographies.