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Dion is married to Megan and they have two wonderful children Courtney and Liam. African relational ontology, individual identity, and Christian theology: Heck, we even support animated gifs! The findings djon released to the public after July The religious linguistic characteristics of the presence of the Kingdom in the light of Speech Act Theory: His approach is challenging, courageous, and even unsettling in some instances.

ConsciousnessTeilhard de Chardinand Cosmology. We know them all. Some chapters deal with theological issues such as the notion of theological truth, approaches to theology, and the use of metaphor in theology and scriptureothers consider more practical matters such as economics and the Christian faith, the training of laity, youth development, and crafting an authentically African liturgical traditionstill others have considered some of the topical issues of time and context such as the Church and persons of a same sex orientation, gender issues, and issues of the environment.

Upon the Lord’s sermon on the mount – discourse 8 more. The article concludes with a discussion of three organizational models within which spirituality and diversity management intersect enabling organizations on the one hand, doin organizations on the other, and partnering organizations as a middle ground.


Log In Sign Up. Tasks Assign tasks to team members. The im possibility of forgiveness?

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This is achieved through structuring the study as a practice oriented research project in empirical intercultural Biblical hermeneutics. This paper expounds this aspect of Wesley’s theology by means of a historical theological exploration of the influences of Eastern Orthodoxy in Wesleyan soteriology. An African theological contribution towards an diletype relational ontological identity.

A consideration of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in the light of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ‘Theological position paper on state and church’ more. Files Good file management is key when it comes to creative projects.

But in order for the Bible to speak a liberative word, what is necessary is to cultivate liberating Bible reading practices rooted in justice and compassion. Christianity, and in particular Methodism, is a dominant faith perspective in Southern Africa.

Assign participants to meetings and let your brains flow together. The African philosophy of ubuntu, Numerous media sources reported that the Mandela family, and Nelson Mandela in particular, were members of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.

Faith, fallacy and fact? Christian Conversations on Same-Sex Relationships more. A public theological approach to the im possibility of forgiveness in Matthew Essays on Church State Relationships more. He is currently on the full-time faculty of Stellenbosch University where he is professor of Systematic Theology, Ethics and Public Theology.

Dion Forster

This is a critical aspect of a credible engagement with the Biblical text. This means that participants were far more open to accepting understandings of forgiveness that were not held within their in-group, but were more common among members of the out-group.


The primary conclusion of this study is that more integral theological understandings of forgiveness are evidenced among the majority participants in this intercultural Bible filetypr process which was conducted under the conditions of positive intergroup contact. Forty-four Sermons to Serve the Present Age more.

About – Dion Forster – An uncommon path

Skip to main content. Jan 1, Publication Name: Methodism in Southern Africa: In order to show this, the article will highlight aspects of Christian humanism and the African worldview that correlate with Southern African appropriations of Methodist and Wesleyan dipn. The question is, however, what is true mission? Aspects of the cosmic Christ in the spirituality of Dom Bede Griffiths more. Published in the book: Tired of explaining which shot of the video you want to have changed?

John Wesley was deeply influenced by Eastern Orthodox theologians. Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary calling.

Firstly, it problematises the contemporary notion of hope in South Africa by showing that it is a complex theological and social concept.