Digitech DSP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech DSP Owner’s Manual. Digitech DSP Plus, Music Technology, May The manual claims the abbreviations are printed on the top of the unit – but they weren’t on the review. Digitech DSP Plus, Sound On Sound, Apr There’s no indication in the DSP Plus manual of just how the signal is routed from one effects section .

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However, it’s quite easy to create your own effects once you get the hang of the parameter abbreviations. An output level can be set for each effects section, apart from the filter EQthrough which the input is automatically passed. One aspect of these algorithms that is common to other MSEPs is that there is a trade-off between the number and complexity of effects used.

LEDs may be cheaper than LCDs and use of the unit does breed familiarity with it, but I’d rather pay the extra and get some info up front. Even the algorithm section was not completely correct, although the meaning of the parameters could be gleaned from the algorithm list. There’s no indication in the DSP Plus manual of just how the signal is routed from one effects section to another, but it sounds very much like EQ-Delay-Flange-Reverb to me. Some even simply flag the error and digktech working.

Sound On Sound – Apr High values tend to produce a metallic, ringing sound, and low values ssp a grainy, fluttery sound: Some effects units sound thin, others warm. The DSP has a different sound – it’s clean, it has an excellent range of effects – some are superb, others are, perhaps, average and programming is relatively easy taking the LED display into account.

Download digitech dsp manual | Diigo Groups

Nevertheless, the Digitech unit is dugitech capable of producing all the important basic effects that people buy multieffects units for: If you value this resource, you can support this project – it really helps! If you use a high feedback rate you can build up little pieces of music, a la Terry Riley, for example.

One of the significant enhancements to the DSP’s facilities that has been made with the Plus version is that any of its effects parameters can now be controlled in real time with MIDI Continuous Controllers. Start a New Topic. That and the delay section in multi-effects configurations – both with xigitech and multitap delays – are the strongest of the DSP Plus’s effects capabilities, and in these specific areas give the unit a distinct edge over digitfch direct rivals.


It will take 182 a hefty signal before peaking. The best starting point for creating your own programs with this algorithm are the Normalised Reflectivity 0. Its predecessor, the DSP without the Plusis capable of producing three effects simultaneously. Consequently we’ve seen quite a spate of multieffects units appearing in recent months.

The inevitable consequence of this cleanness is that the output lacks character. Previous article in manuual issue: I then allocated these controllers to reverb and delay levels, and delay and flange feedback parameters, giving myself real-time remote control over these effects parameters from my master keyboard.

DigiTech DSP Plus Digital Signal Processor Vintage Rack | eBay

If the perfect signal processor should do its job without adding any colouration to the sound, the DSP comes pretty close to perfection. The programs are displayed as numbers, not names, manhal the parameters are shown as cryptic two-letter combinations. On the reverse reverb algorithm, the strength and placement of the accent at the end of the reverb build-up can be varied to produce a good range of effects: Providing manuals and documentation for 10 years!

Review by Paul Ireson. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. When you switch on you go back to program one, not the last program used, so you’d have to reselect the desired program again. Other software features include a self-test mode what happens when self-test procedures go wrong? It really helps – thank you!

A slight limitation to the usefulness of this realtime control over effects parameters is that changes in parameter values do produce slight ‘zipper noise’ a series of clicks generated as the values incrementbut the pure effect level has to be turned up very high in a mix for this to become obtrusive.

It seems that at each stage of the effects chain, where a level for any section is set, what is actually being specified is a mix balance between the signal at the input and output of that section: Small room, Delay, Flange, Filter 7.

In true LED style, “v”s look like “u”s, and “t” looks like a capital “E” with the top line missing.

In this configuration, all of the unit’s processing power is dedicated to producing a complex reverb effect. I suspect the casing was manufactured before the list of parameters had been finalised – but then what if you wanted to place the unit directly below another in a rack?

What is lacking, however, is a table to let you assign a program number to any incoming patch change message. You may need to exercise a some caution here, as running through a range of values on the fly can produce glitching, but this is not unique to the DSP. I knew you were going to ask that – go back and read the rest of the review. Continuing the search for the ideal digital multi-effects processor brings us to Digitech ‘s DSP Plus – how does it measure up?


As you can see, reverb isn’t just a question of bouncing the sound around a large tiled bathroom. The first six algorithms the only ones manuap allow four effects at once have a maximum delay time of 0.

DIGITECH DSP-128 Manuals

In mnual multi-effects processor wars, Digitech’s DSP Plus distinguishes itself with comprehensive facilities and little sound colouration. Scrolling is neat but it takes time and after the novelty wears off you’ll probably plumb for pop up display.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, a current manual will be available. Large room, Delay, Chorus, Filter 2.

DigiTech DSP 128 Plus Digital Signal Processor Vintage Rack

Previous Article in this issue Source Of Inspiration. These include Decay Time the amount of time it takes for the reverb to disappearPre-Delay Time the length of time between the original sound and the beginning of the reverbReverb Level intensityEarly Reflection Diffusion controls the amount of diffusion of the early reflectionsEarly Reflection Delay the amount of Pre-Delay for the early reflections and Envelopment determines the width of the stereo image.

The Chorus and Flanging effects range from the sublime to the ridiculous. My gut reaction on first encountering the DSP Plus was pretty much along the above lines, that here was another in a recent series of improved multi-effects processors.

The standards by which we judge the worth of new technology change at an alarming rate: Any of 14 algorithms see ‘Effect Algorithms’ box can be chosen as the basis for an effects program, and each of the algorithms specifies which of the effects sections are utilised, exactly what type of effect is produced by each, and how audio signals are routed between them. The original version is capable of producing three high quality effects at the same time, applied in series to the input signal.