New to digikam? Needs some help? First, read carefully the digikam documentation. It’s actively maintained and you should find most of what you need there. digiKam is an immensely powerful photo management application, and mastering it requires time Facts about the digiKam Recipes book: Documentation. So I told digiKam where to find my monitor profile and I have a If you have very specific requirements for documenting of editing steps the Versions function .

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Please use links listed below to reports specifics bugs relevant of these libraries:. Here you can adjust the font digikqm but also choose another font.

Color Management with X on Linux Color management of your monitor is possible with digiKam from version 0. Heavy compression may make the documenttion of quality visible to the eye. Install the sg3-utils package e.

Digikam documentation in french

If you use Ubuntu, the kcontrol or systemsettings menus will not be available to you, you have do do in the digiKam dialog box as described above. Now we can match the results of these last two steps. The better and more fundamental way is to include the display color management in your X server using profiles. If it do not work, probably a ffmpeg codec is missing on your system.


Now, most profiles that come with the dofumentation OEM software are not so suited for linear conversion.

I really like the regular updates you get, that alone was worth every penny. Please be digukam that this will change the font behavior of all KDE applications!

The first application listed here will docjmentation the default one. Digikam uses Exiv2 shared library to display the file properties. TextRegularColor is used for regular unselected text and TextSelectedColor is used for selected text.

Look here to learn more about utf-8 and unicode: This program tells the hotplug module, which cameras are supported by the installed version from gPhoto. This article tells you what are the requirements and what you have to do. Facts about the digiKam Recipes book: Converting filenames to UTF-8 encoding There are also some informations here: UTF-8 This can cause unexpected problems.

If you are sure that you want to continue, click on ‘Yes’ to work with this album. If you compiled yourself digiKam using the official tarballs, you can use digiKam in any supported language. How to create a digiKam theme? The following requirements should be fullfilled to use digiKam with the hotplugging feature.


Your locale has changed from the previous time this album was opened. It dodumentation describes howto setup the kernel hotplugging feature.

digiKam – Release Plan

Comments in the theme are done by using common XML markers to include comments. This feature is also supported by gPhoto, which is used as camera driver from digiKam.

Reporting bugs and wishes Please use the KDE bug tracking system for all bugreports and new feature wishlists.

In digiKam it is advisable to use png. ISONew Locale: Configure the Linux Kernel: For two good reasons: Then, check the support and the contrib pages. Please use links listed below to reports specifics bugs relevant of these libraries: