Eurand’s Diffucaps® technology enables the development of once-daily controlled-release (CR) capsules or patient-friendly orally disintegrating tablet ( ODT). Download scientific diagram | ORBEXA ® Technology 3) DIFFUCAPS ® Technology: Diffucaps is a multiparticulate bead system comprised of multiple layers of. DIFFUCAPS ® technology 4) DIFFUTAB ® Technology: Diffutab technology enables customized release profiles and region-specific delivery. Diffutab.

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Scherer International Corporation, Michigan developed the pulsincap system, in which the lag time is continued by a plug that gets pushed away by swelling or erosion, releasing the drug as a pulse from the insoluble capsule body.

One of the common characteristics of temperature-sensitive polymers is the presence of hydrophobic groups, such as methyl, ethyl and propyl groups.

Two types of zero-order tablets were invented and fabricated by 3DP. These devices have techmology developed to respond with changes in glucose concentration in the blood. Abstract Pulsatile drug delivery systems PDDS have attracted attraction because of their multiple benefits over conventional dosage forms.

Adv Drug Deliv Rev. The purpose of designing Multiparticulate dosage form is to develop a reliable formulation that has all the advantages of a single unit formulation. The whole unit is coated with an enteric polymer to avoid the problem of variable gastric emptying.

Diffucaps® Customized Release Technology | Adare Pharmaceuticals | CPhI Online

Pharm Tech Europe ; At this point, degradation products become small enough to be solubilized, and the structure starts to become significantly more porous and hydrated. Prior to coating with one or more polymers, a neutral core is coated with a drug substance to achieve a once-a day release profile. Hence, there is a time lag before the drug can be released corresponding to the time required for critical molecular weight to be reached.


These systems consist of reservoir with either rupturable or altered permeability coating and most commonly housed in Capsular body. GEOCLOCK Technology In this technology, chronotherapy focused presscoated tablets are used in which an active drug remain surrounded by an outer tablet layer consists of a mixture of hydrophobic wax and brittle material.

Beside these systems, multiparticulate systems e. Further developments are therefore needed to overcome these issues, so that 3DP systems can be successfully combined with conventional pharmaceutics.

Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms and their mechanisms.

Platform technologies for colon targeted drug delivery system: Nitroglycerin, calcium channel blocker, ACE inhibitors Asthma Precipitation of attacks during night or at early morning. Diurnal blood pressure fluctuations are super imposed by a hour rhythm with lower levels during the night and higher in the day3, Circadian rhythms are self-sustaining, endogenous oscillations that occur with a periodicity of about 24 Hours Figure. trchnology

In the human body numerous kinds of bioactive compounds are exist. In aqueous solution, block copolymers formed micellar structure with core shell structure below PIPAAm’s transition temperature.

Diffucaps Customized Release Technology from Adare Pharmaceuticals

This system divides the capsule interior into two compartments- one for the beneficial agent and the other for the osmotically active tfchnology. Because the tablets are riffucaps in a single step while the punches make one rotation on a turntable, there is no longer any need for a separate stage to deliver the core.


A rupturable pulsatile drug delivery system diffhcaps of three components: Scherer International Corporation Michigan.

Multiparticulate drug delivery systems for controlled release. Chen H, Langer R. Design and Evaluation of Enteric press coated tablet for pulsatile delivery of Atenolol ; 1 2: Time Controlled system 1.

Classification of Pulsatile Drug Delivery Systems Pulsatile drug delivery systems can be classified in to three categories: Drug delivery was controlled by the rupture of the membrane.

There is minimal drug delivery during sleep, when blood pressure and heart rate are at their physiologic lowest. Developing a modified pulsincap system. The surface finish of 3DP tablets was enhanced by uniaxial pressing. Examples of the pH sensitive polymers include N, N- dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate, chitosan, polyol etc3, 7, 15, J Pharm Sci Technol.

Formulation and technollgy of floating pulsatile Multiparticulate using pH dependent swellable polymers. Chemical stimuli induced pulsatile release: Although sustained and controlled drug delivery systems have acquired a lot of success and application in field of Pharmacy. Can’t read the image?