It’s been several months since Lina and Doon escaped the dying city of Ember and, along with the rest of their people, joined the town of Sparks. Now, struggling. A modern-day classic. This highly acclaimed adventure series about two friends desperate to save their doomed city has captivated kids and teachers alike for. : The Diamond of Darkhold: The Fourth Book of Ember (Audible Audio Edition): Jeanne Duprau, Katherine Kellgren, Listening Library: Books.

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Anyway, the point I’m trying to reach is that, The Diamond of Darkhold is that paper. What has happened to it since then? Just eight pages in length, the book catches their attention because its title reveals that it is for the people of Ember.

The Diamond of Darkhold (Ember, book 4) by Jeanne DuPrau

Leah Moore and John Reppion. I hesitate to describe more, not wanting to give too much away, so lets darhold say that several treacherous and wonderful surprises await them as they leave the city of Sparks. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? The more important question may be is it necessary to have read the other books in daarkhold series recently.

Nov 05, Christine rated it really liked it. What city was Scawgo named after? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Diamond of Darkhold

But because the people in Sparks are getting sick and not surviving very well during the winter, she thought that maybe they might find something that can help them to get to spring. So I am truely a copulsive series reader. This is not only insulting, but very sloppy. Who has moved in to claim the ruins after the evacuation? Also, she keeps making the point that people don’t care about jewels, but really, I don’t think an apocalyptic war would make people stop caring about things and wanting to take them from other people.


And I don’t remember which one it was that mentioned you didn’t need to have read The Prophet of Yonwood to make sense of this one. Doon and Lina have settled in in the town of Sparks, and while things aren’t going exactly smoothly, there are no fights or riots breaking out.

The Diamond of Darkhold Book Review

Ethan also likes to help in the garden. When a roamer comes to town, Doon saw she had a book and just had to get it.

In hopes of finding a solution, Lina and Doon obtain the remains of a book that will help them save their new city, but darkhhold clues lead them back to the beginning As I have said in my reviews of the other books in the series, I darkhlod the idea minus the 3rd book is fantastic. Aug 06, Sonny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Doon had to get out of there.

Oct 29, Zahra Dashti rated it it was ok Shelves: August Learn how and when to remove this template darkholr. A lot or a little? Praise for the City of Ember books: In the midst of this struggle, a roamer comes to town. Its sequel, The People of Sparkswhile interesting, didn’t have the same intrigue as Ember did.

The whole population is just like a daycare center. It begins shortly after the close of the second book in the series, The People of Sparks. For series fans it’s a treat, in more ways than one, and ends in a thoroughly satisfying and hopeful way. There are maybe 8 whole pages left – diamonf roamer use Doon and Lina have settled in in the town of Sparks, and while things aren’t going exactly smoothly, there are no fights or riots breaking out.

I feel as if she had a lot of ideas that came to her at the end, but was too lazy to go back and edit them in. This is an amazing book bringing up awareness of how we use our earth energy uses an has great lessons! He askes Lina to go with him, and though she is afraid of what they will find and of the journey that they have to make, Lina agrees to go with her friend.


I needed a reintroduction to make this one really work. Murdo want to buy Lina a horse? Quotes from The Diamond of Da Mar 23, Pages Middle Grade Personalize Common Sense for your family. Want personalized picks that fit your family? Jeanne DuPrau doesn’t have children, but she has two nephews, darkhol niece, and a dog.

Life in Sparks is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone; supplies are running low and people are starting to go hungry. All that being said, I do have some students that have been enjoying this series, and after all, these are books meant for kids. There’s always going to be hard work and there will always be misfortunes we can’t control, lurking out at the edges – storms, sickness, wolves.

Like Lina and Doon, it was bittersweet going back to Ember and saying goodbye to the city even more so. The Fourth Book of Ember. There is no medicine, food is limited, and the darkness makes life not only more challenging, but more depressing, too. May 30, Melanie rated it liked it. A place they fear will have long lost sunken into darkness. I have to address this first, despite it being the end of the book.

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