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The symbol of Samael appears on the door and Alessa walks through the door like a ghost. Return all the way back to the Reception room now He doesn’t have that much life at all. On the wall, around the corner of the reception counter Save Point 2 Location: You broke the spell! You need to adjust the pressure of the iron lung machine, so that it overloads. Weapons such as file cabinets, crates, portable TVs, iron weights, etc. Pick up the Hammer and equip it – D-pad down to do both – then walk up to the Nurse and hit her by tapping the X button.

After stepping toward the desk in the Archives — Female patient: If you recall, the door to the Women’s Restroom was locked from the inside when Travis first entered the hospital. Pick up the Baton from next to the seat by Patient Room 5. Stand over a monster and press the X button to perform a finishing move.

Well, see you around. Dhalia begins to walk away Travis: It seems as if we have tracked him for quite a while throughout the game and now it ends with this one simple fight. The gate that you are looking for is a small gate near the circle on hiill map, not the gate with the padlock and chain hilo it.


Love Forever, Richard Now you have or have seen all the clues that will allow you to solve the Rotary Calendar puzzle. On the wall in the Hydrotherapy Room. Lying on the middle table in the library An Id Torn Into Area: I don’t know her name.

Walk over to the front of the Artaud Theater and use the Theater Ticket at the box office counter. One is in the Scrapyard. Unlock the door to the basement at the bottom of the East Staircase.

She was burned all over! Travis will mention that he sees something engraved on the inside portion of the ring. Sleep like a baby with a chick in your cab.

He will either spray blood from his mouth or lash out with his mouth and bite Travis. The tentacles are the main problem since they will almost always eventually catch Travis.

Both of them get up from the bed. All of them are listed by room or area name and are listed in the order that they are presented in the main detonaro.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Your progress will be interrupted slightly while moving across the middle portion of silfnt stage. Ariels and Carrions will attack in the rooms that lead to the Curtain Control – just run by silenf The East Pipe Room doesn’t contain any items and is useless in the normal world – only in Otherworld does it serve a purpose. On the wall in the Infirmary of Otherworld room with pill puzzle Save Point 7 Location: The nifty music will give way to the usual silent music once Travis throws the switch.


Enter Andy’s Books on the west side of Koontz St. You really are dead.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Wait for me here. It might pay you to run by them and collect the items at the end of the corridor then enter the Exam Room. Lisa leaves as Dr. She was your daughter? I could be a star! Flashback ends and Travis stands in place of young Travis and backs up in disbelief Travis: Be forewarned that you may have to finish the enemy in order to defeat him – just walk over to his body and press the X button just like with a Nurse. My stats for that playthrough: Once again, there are no new items orugins this side of the streets, so just go straight to the Lumber Yard – it’s in the northwest along Midway Ave.

Are you a relative? Rooms found in Otherworld will have an “OW” acronym beside them in this walkthrough.

See the lists below for details. Your mother and I Open the door to the first floor – the second floor door is locked.

There is a Drip Stand next to the Laundry Room. Examine the “Student’s Mnemonic” and notice the red letters and how silrnt spell out the first two letters of each organ.