Denon DJ’s new DN-X 4-channel inch mixer is designed tocomplement the company’s DN-S and DN-S tabletop CD/MP3. Buy a Denon Dn-x Mixer for a limited time and you may be qualified to receive financing of 0% Denon MC Professional Digital Mixer & Controller .

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Denon DN-X1500 Mixer

APRS is obviously the use we realize the potential of the rel table. Booth Output Pre-monitor any channel and effect through the booth output in the same manner as you would with your headphones, only out loud!

The colored lights dneon this give it that cool look too. Otherwise grip level of the table itself is extremely simple, any dj found there immediately. Love all the effects and the digital display settings. Lighting and Effects Disco Lights. Request a new review. Now lets take about the effects.

Denon DN-X 4 Channel Mixer | Denon DN-X

Well of course I compare Pioneer: The knobs on this mixer are very well built. The Effector and Sampler are built in to further boost the DJ’s creative powers. The sound quality sounds so crisp as you can hear renon for your self by checking out my DN-X Videos here http: Did you find this review helpful? Earn points [?


Now to the outputs, the digital Record out is the cleanest crisp audio you have ever heard in a Pro DJ mixer like this. Theres about 8 diffrent effects on this machine and love each and one of them.

Denon’s latest DJ mixer with unparalleled sound quality for professional DJs has arrived. Be the first the write a review.

Matrix Input Assignment Eight input sources are freely assignable to any channel. By the cons, yes, it’s still a mixer. Pre Fader Levels PFL for Each Channel All input channel levels can dhx1500 preadjusted to match output level meter ensuring a smooth transition between fades. Also can be cut settings to a wider range frequency drives so it really fits the needs of everyone.

Denon Dn-x1500 Mixer

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. A denpn feature to avoid feedback in the DJ booth or unwanted announcements on your recordings. A report quality price no deception. External and internal effects can be used simultaneously. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


Price Beat Guarantee We’ll beat any price!

The effects on this machine even make it better. Curve and cross faders, knobs for cutoff frequency etc It comes with the manual and original packaging. We Offer Part Exchange. This is a table all-digital, compact, full of features, configurable at will, for me is a true instrument of creation. DJM is still the same more or less You still need a little time to adapt well before the master – The usual functions are they easily accessible?

In addition to the eenon are enjoyable to the touch but ca. Please Log in or Register to write a review. Bowl of weedies 7- Forget the phases of high-speed scratch and ultra-cutes.

Yes totally, the sound is pure, I find it really trs good with low heated through, although Dfine – Introduced she breath? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.