This is the previously mentioned commentary on Mark Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school” Since the article. Mark Slouka’s essay (Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school) comes across as a persuasive argument that the humanities. Instructor’s Note. This essay is Julia Evanoff’s analysis of Mark. Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized.” Julia does a great job speaking to a general audience that may.

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Backreaction: Rehumanized

It wasn’t until reaching university that I was able to peruse science and math and get my degree in physics. I was thinking the same thing while reading. Whatever happened to writers and philosophers dehjmanized have the curiosity and humility to experience life before trying to sell others their stories and opinions?

Does society change with them, with such new affirmative style, that it indeed knows what it’s talking about? They don’t beat you over the head with Jesus, and there is NO debate re “Creationism.

In times of trouble, particularly, this fatigue makes the institutions vulnerable to capture by those with a hankering for more objectified solutions. On the rich sin of meddling. Or do those scientists who attempt to understand religiosity at the level of the brain better address the inner world? To my mind, although I know many poets and scientists would not agree, the wish and act to more deeply understand Nature is just as much Wisdom and oriented in the vertical direction as any department of the humanities.


Recently, philosophy has been included in slouoa curriculum, my 12 yo maark is learning about Socrates, Plato, etc, something I didn’t. Never had a chance to look at your “this and that” articles It cannot be mzrk. Thus critical thinking is to be nurtured — but critical thinking is a double-edged sword because it can also challenge inequities at home.

The de-toothing of humanities education is summarized: I just don’t see that at all.

Conversation: Writer, Professor Mark Slouka on America’s ‘Dehumanized’ Education

However, I just do not know empirically if it is true that math and science get a lot more attention. SA, there is an area of overlap between science and the humanities.

Even the humanities have to be justified in terms of their value to market objectives. While reading “Dehumanized” I became convinced that I have seriously missed out. We were taught about monarchies and taught to fear “tyrants,” and to some extent all though in my years – rather recent- this dwindled to hate communism as though it were Satan’s offspring and successor.

You are commenting using your WordPress. And I think, Slouka uses it in that sense. Slouka could use math and science, specifically statistical methods, for gathering that evidence, right?

But we are nowhere near this kind of thing in the US. The more egalitarian an occupation structure, the less severe are the perceived penalties for not coming out on top.

It is ironic that science alone has never led to devastating results. He writes with the uncontested narcissism and anger of an only-child who has grown up to find that, not only are there other people in this world, some are more popular than he is.


And based upon my own circumscribed experience, I believe that thinking about the problem in terms of subjects can only exacerbate it. I think many scientists, even many good ones, often have an outside knowledge of our inner worlds as experienced.

That, that hidden moral value cannot be discerned? On the contrary, I’m facing many situations in contemporary physics, when physicists apparently cannot realize, what their stuff is all about just because they’re adhering on their blind formal approach, which is merely a numeric regression of reality.


I expected some math HW every day for practice; there is none. This has been a large source of debate in many states.

I married the girl anyway. And in doing so, he provides a clue to the origins of his ability to do so: I believe it involved a nation whose flag had a sickle and a hammer.

Dehumanized | Harper’s Magazine

Politics is proof by contradiction. I even worked professionally in the arts in my youth, before studying science in college. This doesn’t mean, that there is too much teaching math, and other sciences in US schools, right? Who is more educated: That no one has ever been sent to prison for espousing the wrong value for the Hubble dehumabized is precisely to the point.