Texas County, and VISA codes to use in completing the following items . Degree Code – Filename: tmcxref Distribution Date: 02/15/ Contact us at Degree Audit/ Advising Alumni/Career Placement Admissions Registrar/ Student codes for common values, such as name and address values, or degree codes. Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands.

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These interests usually include a wide range of academic, social extra-curricularand athletic areas. System Reference Common Programs Program Arguments You can use several options to enable rregistrar disable process features of dupid. Enrollment reporting and grade distribution statistics often depend on the department breakdowns. This ensures good audit trail functionality without excluding the ability to perform column based trigger actions.

Category The permission category. Phone The phone number. You are next prompted for an regisfrar table name for the added records to the database. Code The involvement code. Various products of CX use the common programs, which do not have product-specific functions. Field Descriptions The following contains descriptions of the fields contained on the Privacy Act screen.

CX System Reference Technical Manual |

Use Y for yes or N for no. Bgvoucher Includes for defining the values and functionality of the background voucher program. For all elements of dergeecodes product other than C programs, m4 macros contain the definitions of features that have been designed to be modified for each institution. Using test data at CARS, a test value greater than 40 is a good indication that enough data was available. Example of an Active Include Outside a Comment An include that defines a variable to equal a value always appears outside of a comment and is referred to as active.


The macros enable you to change the available options and functionality of CX without having to degreecods C code.

Examples of test function: For example, every product has access to the State table for valid abbreviations of states. Screen Example The following Tickler Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your admissiona particular specifications. This occupational information is valuable for recruiting purposes and identifying individuals by type of work when it is input on the employment record. Policy Decision Determining which includes to enable in CX is a policy decision that your institution must make.

Any changes made to the system macro files or the utility macro files could corrupt an institution’s entire system. The system displays the following messages: Hold and Hold Action Relationships An example of a hold and hold action relationship would be the following.

The system makes insert, update and delete triggers to perform the action of adding the audit trail information. Using the make processor, CX expands and translates any macros referenced in the includes to the longer text. For an example of an include that appears inside of a comment, see Examples of Includes in this section. Creation Sequence Considerations for the sequence of creating this table in relation to other tables are: Confidence The confidence is how regiatrar the two records in the interactive mode or the review mode match.

On Campus Does this facility reside on campus for billing purposes? Some institutions may want to treat teacher certification as an accomplishment for listing on a transcript.

The trans program does not allow the menu user to select an alternate recipient. Program screens, documents and schema definitions sometimes abbreviate level of confidence as confidence or conf.

Each product contains specific records pertaining to the area, such as Financial Aid records for the Financial Aid product. A Hold table has a code for student accounts and the Hold Action table has an entry for transcript with an Absolute entry of yes. Screen Example The following Degree Table screen may vary from your table format and content due to your institution’s particular specifications.


Default value is A.

CX System Reference Technical Manual

Employ Includes for defining the values and functionality of the Employee program. Code The suffix code. You can use these options separately or in conjunction. The system performs constraint checking for every schema build.

Use this option with extreme care, and only after the general report run of the process and a full Level 0 backup. This procedure will begin the dupid program in background mode at eight in the evening. Changing a macro is simpler than locating all of the source files using a particular string of text and then ensuring that all of the text strings are modified. Programmatic Integration and Commonality CX products can contain programmatic links between them.

Review mode Running in review mode, dupid uses more memory and less CPU time. This section provides the necessary information to set up and modify includes. The example below shows some of the internal math involved in calculating the confidence and tests values. For example, if at a given time there are two appropriate addresses, the address with the lowest priority number will be selected. An include placed inside of a comment is not defined, and therefore will not be substituted in the actual C program.