Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6 with Bonus Thin Thighs Workout (2 DVD Set) 6 Workouts on 3 DVDs; Workout Calendar; Weight Loss Eating Plan; 6-Day Express. Slim in 6® workout will literally reshape your body in 6 short weeks. The secret is Debbie’s exclusive Slim Training® technique, which combines fat-burning cardio with light resistance moves —Trainer Debbie Siebers + Workout Calendar. Debbie Sieber’s prize workout is uniquely designed to meet your own needs and The Slim in 6 calendar is thus a flexible concept that adapts itself to your own.

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Slim in 6 Start it Up focuses on body weight exercises. If you purchase the deluxe editions, the routines last between 30 and 80 minutes. Almost all tracks on songsab are kbps. Our researchers were curious about the Slim in 6 DVD workout program and wanted to know if the workout leads to losing six inches and six pounds in six weeks as advertised.

Yes, Slim in 6 comes with a guarantee. I have been on WW for 30 weeks and lost 20lbs but I lost 2 dress sizes. Is ln more information with the package? Spim diet plan not at all something i would do. All in all, the Slim in 6 fitness program is a well-designed and comprehensive fitness program that will workoout sound health and fitness results when followed correctly and performed with regularity.

Yes I was fit and healthy, but no woman wanted to have such thick and stocky thighs! The program also includes a video focused on abs and one on flexibility.

We support the operation of our site through the sale of our all-natural, premium products, which include Burn TS and Boost, as well as through Amazon affiliate links Amazon Associates Program. Or sliim you start with 2 days of fasting and then start the workout on the 3rd day?

Which one should I Get? The time frame for this will vary from person to person. Before you purchase any weight-loss program, consult your doctor to discuss the benefits and risks of this or other programs you are considering.


It is ideal for those looking for an effective program that is easy to learn and follow. This should level out over time.

Keep in mind that all exercise programs work because you actually do the work and if you are like me and love food you have to learn to eat better. So, the second wake-up call came when I was doing a live CNN segment with Jake demonstrating some of his exercise moves.

How to Lose Weight by Using Slim in 6 | Healthfully

sim The elements of the program follow sound principles of weight loss. Are you supposed to be fasting and doing the workout? Women Insanity Insanity Deluxe Insanity: The resistance bands that came with the set are great too…you can take them anywhere with you! How to use this calendar depends upon your getting your hands on the debbke, and learning which program and workout belongs to which phase, and how best to progress from one to the other. This program is supposed to help you slim down in only six weeks.

Summary Slim in 6 is a solid DVD-based fitness program that will provide results in the areas of weight loss, reductions in body fat percentage, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, improvements in cardiovascular endurance, and increases in coordination, balance and flexibility.

Disclaimer Statement Privacy Policy. I have been on weight watchers for 16 weeks and have lost 10 pounds. This easy to follow schedule will help you stay on track and maximize the results of calendr workout. In addition, she has been featured on several health and fitness television shows and worjout worked at numerous fitness centers as a trainer.


The Slim in 6 fitness program is marketed as an exercise and dietary program that promotes reductions in weight and body fat percentage, improvements in cardiovascular endurance, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, and improvements worjout coordination, balance and flexibility. Its formula is a unique blend of four potent ingredients, which have been shown in clinical testing to help boost metabolism and speed up fat loss.


Please Select Eating too much at meals Comforting myself with food Unhealthy food at home Food just tastes so good Snacking Eating out. Exercise and diet alim to be a regular lifestyle choice in order to control weight.

Slim in 6 Workout Calendar

I just ordered it today Paulina. The only support equipment that may be necessary to purchase is an exercise mat. So Alicia this programs officially asks you to fast yourself for two days???

I am wondering what the instructions are. Beachbody has developed a precise formula for producing DVD-based home fitness programs that are supplemented with exercise guidelines, exercise schedules, dietary and nutritional guidelines, solid customer support and a strong online community. Instead, pay attention to the way your clothes fit.

This works if you use it. A more intense minute workout that burns extra calories, Un it Up targets and sculpts problem areas including the hips, thighs, and abs, using the resistance band that comes as part of the SI6 package.

I thought there would be new moves or music, something inspiring to exercise.

Slim in 6 Workout Calendar | a way of life | Pinterest | Workout calendar, Workout and Slim in 6

You will find all sorts of negative customer comments posted on dealer websites such as Amazon. It is important to note that planning to spend six weeks following the wogkout and then stopping will not help you maintain your results.

Try Slim in 6 Slkm Even though they were healthier meals, I was still consuming far too many calories at one meal, which meant storing the rest as fat.

All our own products are made with premium ingredients supported by science and formulated in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. I kept thinking back to a comment my Mom made to me when I was a teenager.

The fitness program is designed to promote weight loss and a more toned and sculpted physique within 6 weeks.