The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) is an official of the CDSCO who is the final The revised ICMR guidelines released in is called the ‘Ethical. Guidelines (ICH-GCP) for clinical trials and follow the recently amended Schedule Y . Currently, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). o Office of Drugs Control General (“DCGI”) (India’s licensing authority) o Indian Council of Medical Research (“ICMR”) guidelines; Indian.

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The academic investigator needs to be up to speed in reading, understanding and applying regulations and work in tandem with the pharmaceutical industry for greater patient benefit.

An example of this would be the intrathecal or epidural route of use guiidelines dexmedetomidine. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

In the event that the IEC feels that there could be a potential overlap between the academic and regulatory purposes of the trial, they should notify the office of the DCGI. Projects submitted essentially undergo two broad types of review- Full board or full committee review [for all projects that present more than guivelines risk] or expedited review [for projects that pose no more than minimal risk; e.

Clinical Trials in India

Clinical research involving human participants remains at the core of the drug development process and clinical guideliines CTs are an essential component for finding new cures to unmet medical needs. The present article details these requirements giving their historical evolution, the key bodies in India that govern or oversee research along with ‘must know’ and ‘good to know’ for the conduct of clinical trials guidslines the country.


That has not been used to a significant extent in the country.

Audio-visual Recording of Informed Consent of Process. The CTRI[ 1617 ] is a free, ccgi portal that allows both investigator-initiated and regulatory studies to be registered. Over the past two decades, India has been making efforts to streamline and harmonize its regulations in the biomedical sector to international best practices.

Table 2 covers must know and good to know aspects of clinical trial research.

Compensation for an SAE leading to life-threatening disease: In the past decade, several changes have dotted the regulatory landscape in the country and have changed the way in which academic research is carried out. The Schedule Y amendment released on 20 th January, saw dramatic changes that attempted to bring India on par guidelihes internationally prevalent regulations.

Evolution of regulatory cdgi in India — as relevant to clinical trials. It has Chapters, Rules and Schedules[ 67 ] and is amended at regular intervals to ensure greater safety, efficacy and drug quality.

Regulatory requirements for clinical trials in India: What academicians need to know

This guideline covers two broad aspects of clinical research — the general principles that need to be followed and guidance regarding special areas of research e. The pharmaceutical industry’s grand challenge. Additional reforms are in the pipeline. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. The Intensive Care Unit specialist: Registration is important from a publication standpoint point as editors of many Biomedical Journals will not accept papers that have interventional studies not registered with a Clinical Trials Registry.

Registration of Ethics Committees that approve studies Rule DD [ 15 ] Investigators and Administrators of Academic Institutes should ensure that their Institutional Ethics Committees IECs are registered with the central licensing authority and the registration renewed at the end of 3 years.


Global Focus: Clinical Trials in India – Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI)

dcggi Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Recent past and expected future. Anaesthesia as a speciality straddles several diverse disciplines that include various branches of surgery and medicine as well as critical care and pain management among others. Please review our privacy policy.

Bhave A, Menon S. Similarly, the new regulations required free medical management for all CT subjects for all medical issues not just those related to the NCE. Compensation in a clinical trial is needed both when death occurs or when there is clinical trial-related injury. Feb 08, [Last accessed on Feb 25]. Drug development research, in particular, is long and arduous and bringing a single new drug costs on an average USD 1.

In and there was further decline in CTs in India because international sponsors viewed frequent regulatory changes as unpredictable and non-transparent.

It is recommended that all studies are registered at a public portal. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. Institutional Ethics Committees function according to standard operating procedures [SOPS] that are usually available on their websites.

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