Visit the new documentation for updated content. DB4O. Table of contents. 1 Info; 2 The Basic Principle of db4o; 3 Downloads; 4 Current Status. This tutorial was written to get you started with db4o as quickly as possible. Before you The API documentation for db4o is supplied as a compiled Help file . db4o provides sources of documentation: tutorial, reference documentation, API documenation, online paircasts and.

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As you’ll see in a second, however, SODA is generally only necessary for doumentation queries. For all but the simplest db4o use cases, you’ll probably want to specify one or more configuration settings when opening your db4o database:. As I explained, an object database like db4o simply has more to offer to object-oriented developers, in today’s object-oriented world, than its relational cousins.

The busy Java developer’s guide to db4o: Queries, updates, and identity

Developers are encouraged to use the Native Query interfaces when working with db4o. The second option pollutes the simplicity of documentatiob QBE approach and leads to monstrosities like the one shown in Listing Running db4o from the GAC is not supported.

Once that’s all done, I call get on the db4o database and check to see if the ObjectSet returned contains any objects.

So, when you call Rollback you will not see any difference to your objects. The first commercial object database management systems were created in the early s; these added the concept of native database driven persistence into the field of object-oriented development.

LINQ Queries have all the benefit of compiler checking and automated code refactorability that Native Queries have, but are expressed in syntax more familiar to SQL developers. The third option is to create a query language that can then be used to query the database’s object model. Native Queries also provide type safetyas well as remove the need to sanitize against code injection see SQL Injection.

Getting Started With db4o

documenyation One of its main goals is to provide an easy and native interface to persistence for object oriented programming languages. A non-generics version of the Predicate API is available for versions prior to Java 5, though it isn’t quite as easy to use.

Always make sure that the object you are trying to update or delete was previously stored or retrieved in the database. You can also use the db.


DefragmentConfig (db4o – database for objects – documentation)

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Although this makes for a fairly easy way to issue queries, it also makes for somewhat limited options; for example, what if you needed to retrieve all Person s whose last name started with Gor all Person s of an age greater than 21?

Walks you through db4o’s basic operations, its various query types, and techniques for optimal data access performance. Closing a database cleanly documehtation automatically call Commit for you, so any uncommitted transactions are committed automatically. The default ActivationDepth in db4o is 5. In Listing 2, I create a half dozen of objects, place them into a file, and then use QBE to call up the two objects whose first names match the pattern “Brian.

Like updates, db4o will not automatically delete child objects unless you configure cascading deletes for your object will remain in memory until documenttion objects are refreshed or garbage collected. Using the particular methods of Person would require a downcast on the objects returned by next.

Java developers in particular are frustrated with the so-called object-relational impedance mismatch, and impatient with the solutions that attempt to resolve it. Performs a negation comparison.

Best for limited resource environments. The db4o container doesn’t run into problems of identity here because the object in question has already been identified as one coming from the database, meaning its OID is already stored inside the db4o bookkeeping infrastructure.

Included in the db4o distribution you’ll find the installer for ObjectManager Enterprise OME which, once installed, will integrate into your Visual Studio Environment and allow you to open and inspect, query, and edit value types only object instances stored in your documemtation file.

Same as Lazy, however the iterator is created against a snapshot of the index. In this way, programmers can continue to write queries in the language they’re comfortable with, but the query itself can be translated into something the database can understand and execute efficiently.

However, this mode has limitations. The Object Database ODB arrived in the software industry with the advent of object oriented languages. Just one line of code is all it takes. Modern object databases use the idea of activation to control the depth to which objects are instantiated and populated when retrieved from the database. This series is a working introduction to db4o, an open source database that leverages today’s object-oriented languages, systems, and mindset.


If you want to modify the object in the database, it’s simple to take the object retrieved from the container, modify it in some way, and then store it back, as shown in Listing These handlers are great for selectively activating, refreshing, or cascading db operations. Native Query results can be sorted by using an IComparer or a comparison delegate.

Especially in a strongly typed language like C or Java programming, these object types have to be known a prioriunlike the set-based notion of SQL. The native queries approach isn’t perfect. The port parameter specifies the network port number.

So you could Descend into an documentstion, and then Execute at a deeper level to return only the matching child objects, like in this example:. If concerned about consistency, doocumentation the Refresh object command to cause the objects to be refreshed with stored database values. This content is part of the series: The application developer should tune the number of indexes with the desired Query and Insert performance. Articles lacking reliable references from December All articles lacking reliable references Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest from April Articles needing cleanup from April All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from April Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from April Articles with a promotional tone from October All articles with a promotional tone Articles with multiple maintenance issues All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Articles with unsourced statements from February Developers can find this out, but only in a passive fashion, using the listeners described in this section.

NET to access the database and thus avoid a constant, productivity-reducing context switch between programming language and data access API. LINQ was introduced by Microsoft. The above values affect only the state of field indexes and when the evaluation is performed. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Higher values should be used to debug ActivationDepth-related issues only. While a db4o database file is open, it is locked and cannot be accessed by another application at the same time.