collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. The Great Cat Massacre. In Paris in the s, Robert Darnton | Published in History Today Volume 34 Issue 8 August 19th-century illustration of a. The Great Cat Massacre has ratings and reviews. Darnton aimed this book at both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.

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Anyway, the last chapter is about reading Rousseau and changes in ways of reading. Stewart, Philip Winter — Other Episodes in French Cultural History. One of the signs of kassacre flourishing ex-pat community is that underemployed British wives and girlfriends will set up a Humane Society wherever they go.

In this subject, I am part of the popular market, and this book did not work grdat well for me. Published February 12th by Vintage first published I thought I would get to the end of the chapter feeling guilty about not wanting to read Heloise but Darnton reassures me that it’s almost unreadable to a modern audience.

The next chapte This is an enterprise in ethnographic history.

The discussion is too interesting to paraphrase. The tales, once explained, are often rooted in real events or at least have contemporary cultural references that elucidate their meaning. My favorite thing about this book is the writer’s approach to history – each of these essays is structured around an artifact of the times that he can use as an entry point to a world that was torn asunder in I don’t know what else is out there; I would really like to have seen some discussion at least of the difficulty of finding women, perhaps as a challenge to later historians.

Textbook for a French Revolution class I’m taking. The cultures of the past did manipulate 8. Yes, there probably were fewer literate women at the time.

Darnton is a true historian and is well aware of the flaws and limitations inherent in his approach, but remains at all times entertaining and smooth to read. Different were not the astute manipulators of sym- historians have different ideologies with bols that Darnton thought them to be.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

Reading the Past, The authentic ones, not those rewrote by Perrault or the Grimms. The second essay, the title of the book, is just a hook. Aside from this, they were mistreated, beaten and exposed to cold and horrible weather. Basic Books, New York, A limited intellect trying to pull up a Munhausen: This is an enterprise in ethnographic history.


Do social conditions determine popular beliefs? But one day in a Paris shop, these journeymen slaughtered hundreds of cats, much to their amusement, and repeated the episode in mock trials no less than a dozen different times over the next few months.

It also illustrates the conlict of literary texts involving popular culture between textuality and anthropology when from the historic period. The examination of analysis and the study of the use of sym- the symbols used by those people under bols both have a role to play.

Although they organized in chapels, staged strikes and sometimes forced up wages, they remained subordinate to the bourgeois. They had ideologies No hunter comes to her rescue in the original version.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton

The debate so far has proven lacapra point out that it was written in quite interesting and thought provoking, the third person, rather than the irst, but is still a ield in which much more work hardly standard practice for an autobi- can be done, with new approaches to be ography.

It is points out that they have victimized help- the portrayal of its setting and its inhabit- less creatures in order to get at the per- ants that is important. To ask other readers questions about The Great Cat Massacreplease sign up.

Having spent a large portion of my life working Geertz, C. Converse- The point he makes on the need to deine ly, the incident saw also saw them move the instances of behaviour in the text on further away from the household, as their the basis of the speciic way they were actions led to them being accepted into the assembled or produced rather than their opposing micro-social zone occupied by categorization according to remote resem- the journeymen blances to codiied forms among the reper- tory of Western folk inluences30 is cer- The fact that the incident was thought to tainly valid.

History books about France American history books books Anthropology books Cats in popular culture Cats in literature. Each of them is a gate through which Darnton tries to enter the mental world of the 18th century Frenchman.

There’s a lot of discussion of various philosophical ideas and modes of constructing knowledge and so on that I just didn’t get; Darnton presupposes a lot of understanding in his readership here that he doesn’t presuppose in knowledge of French society.


The Great Cat Massacre: No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Great Cat Massacre – Wikipedia

The author,a historian, borrows from anthropology in an attempt to reconstruct the view of the world of the 18th century Frenchman. This illustrates the republic of letters from the reader’s side, and gives a taste of the kind of adoration that readers developed for Rousseau. The Great Cat Massacre was one of the books that helped me overcome my aversion to reading about history I Claudius was another. It uses immersion in entirely on textual accounts of the the culture; it interviews and observes liv- ing people and communities, interacting in past.

The Great Cat Massacre and This is collection of essays, albeit all serving a common purpose, and it would be sufficiently interesting to write a review discussing any one of them. The journeymen were upset that younger, much less experienced workers were being brought in to perform their work for almost nothing while the masters would retire to their personal rooms and lounge, eat, sleep, and take care of their cats.

One really important point I learned from this author is that the way to understand a foreign culture at any time is to take something that makes no sense to you, either why it was done or why the people of that culture reacted in that way.

There’s not a lot of conclusions to de When I was an under-grad, my favorite history professor casually told us stories about mass cat killings in France. The society was obvi- tions by those involved.

With a title like this, you’re hard pressed to make a boring book. These have been preserved in written form, altered to se This is collection of essays, albeit all serving a common purpose, and it would be sufficiently interesting to write a review discussing any one of them.

I suppose it was no great surprise to find tge, although the book wasn’t quite as brilliant or as fascinating as I remembered, it still held up pretty well. I like cultural histories, so this was right in my wheelhouse. View all 4 comments.