Welcome to Cthulhu Invictus, horror roleplaying in the first century CE, the time of the Roman Empire. From this page, you can see all our all the free downloads. I also love everything Lovecraftian so needless to say Cthulhu Invictus was pretty high up on my list. When Golden Goblin Press announced. Cthulhu Invictus is the latest setting for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, following on from the recent success of Cthulhu Dark Ages. It introduces a.

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Simon rated it really liked it Jan 26, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log lnvictus StoryTellerShannon rated it really liked it Jun 12, The book also mentions that there isn’t really effective psychiatric treatment other than resting in a villa in the countryside, which makes me think of an augur casting the augury, resting in a villa for a while, going back to Rome, repeat.

Cthulhu Invictus: A Sourcebook for Ancient Rome

At least half a page on each of the Roman Provinces amounting to a concise fifteen pages of geographic info. The investigator is arrested for trying to bribe an official or avoid paying their taxes, or makes a social fool of themselves for wearing the color that has been out of fashion for three years, or praising a gladiator who died three years ago.


James rated it liked it Apr 14, Wesley Cole rated it really liked it Dec 01, I mean, huge chunks of Western literature, especially fantasy literature, are basically psychic trauma of the fall of the Roman Empire. Ships to Only certain countries.

Alan Lamounier rated it really liked it May 11, Backers also receive a digital and physical copy of De Horrore Cosmico.

Roman gaming seems like a hugely underserved niche, to me.

Cedric rated it liked it Mar 05, Foreigner – Backers at this level receive both a physical and digital copy of the 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus. This cult, dedicated to worshipping an incarnation of Shub-Niggurath, holds great power.

A modern version of this would be “With Invitus and Nail”. Jason Williams rated it really liked it Oct 09, Backers at this level also receive their name listed in the Thank You section of the book and receive an official randomly generated roman backer name listed beside their own.

Cthulhu Invictus: A Sourcebook for Ancient Rome by Chad Bowser

Feb 7, – Mar 15, 35 days. Mythos The first toe-dip into the mythos part of Cthulhu Invictus is a look at the real-world religious beliefs of the Romans.


Kickstarter invvictus not a store.

Golden Goblin Press Denarius: Reward no longer available 34 backers. Open Preview See a Problem? As a spirit all of your rewards are digital. Can the investigators solve this mystery before the mysterious creature claims them as well. You command about one hundred men who look to you for leadership when the fighting starts.

One of the difficult parts of writing Mythos works is deciding how to deal with human mythology. The region has a dark reputation and been abandoned for centuries although no one really remembers why.

Members of the royal family also get invicus vote on the release order of the three provincial guide books we’re planning to produce over the next few years. Want to Read saving…. The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus.

The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus by Golden Goblin Press — Kickstarter

Heroes and heroines of the Roman Empire, who somehow learn of the threat and rise up to fight against it. Do you want to be an augur? Funding period Feb 7, – Mar 15, 35 days.