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[4] CSN 73 Thermal protection of buildings – part 2: Requirements, Czech , [6] Jerman, M., Kočí, V., Maděra, J., Výborný, J., Černý. following Decrees refer: CSN 73 Parking areas for road vehicles, CSN 73 Changing rooms, lavatories and bathrooms, CSN 73 Daylighting. ČSN 73 – Obytné budovy. – ČSN 73 – Šatny, umývárny a záchody. – ČSN 73 – Denní osvětlení budov. – ČSN 73 – Tepelná ochrana.

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cen These debentures are convertible at any time, at the option of the holders into common shares of MSV Resources Inc. Stock options and warrants are recorded at their fair value using the Black-Scholes pricing model. The Joe Mann Mine has been in production until September 11,when the Company stopped the mining operations, since results from deep drilling programs were unsatisfactory to the Company. The following discussion summarises the material United States federal income ccsn consequences to certain U.

The water problem is now under control following extensive pumping and grouting. Consolidated statements of comprehensive loss, contributed surplus and deficit.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

The mineralization is found precisely within these alteration corridors. Holmes who acts as the Chairman of the Board for Nuinsco. To convert grams per can to ounces per ton, multiply grams per tonne by 0. In the fourth quarter of44108, tons of ore grading 1. Also, under one of the collective agreements, the employees are entitled to receive a bonus based on the increase in the price of gold during the term of the agreement. Campbell is not responsible for sharing expenditures with respect to the referenced properties.

For the last three years prior to closing, the mine produced a total oftons of ore at an average grade of 0. Czn are cs restrictions on the business that the Company may carry on. Embedded derivatives are classified as held for trading, with variations in fair value recognized in earnings.


Adjustments to revenue for metal prices are recorded monthly and other adjustments are recorded upon final settlement. Of the employees, mine workers were covered by a collective bargaining agreement with the United Steelworkers of America.

The unitholders had the right to require the Company to retract the royalty on or at any time after May 1, at the fair market value of the royalty unit. Csm was no underground exploration program during at the Joe Cns Mine. These directors are independent as none of them has a direct or 410 material relationship with the Company. This Section describes when and how hedge accounting can be applied as well as the disclosure requirements.

The agreement also provides that in the event of resignation or termination, options held by Mr. If the board has a chair or lead director who is an independent director, disclose the identity of the independent chair or lead director, and describe his or her role and responsibilities.

The particular fsn of the executive compensation program for senior executives of the Corporation, designed to encourage, compensate and reward employees on the basis of individual and corporate performance, may be summarized as follows:. The deposit has been mined along a 3,foot strike.

Actual results could differ from these estimates. There are only common shares outstanding. Waste rock from the Copper Rand Mine that cannot be dumped underground is hoisted to the surface and stored in a ton bin adjacent to No.

If a director is presently a director of any other issuer that is a reporting issuer or the equivalent in a jurisdiction or a foreign jurisdiction, identify both the director and the other issuer.

We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion. Information on the Company. Furthermore, it shows a lateral extension of more than metres and its depth has been confirmed by drilling down to the meter level. The geology of the two properties consist of volcanic rocks to the north and sedimentary and volcanics to the south.


It is not possible to determine either the outcome of the proceedings or the financial consequences for the Company.

No exploration costs were incurred inas was also the case in At the time, ore had been intercepted at level 55 while some 10 meters remained to be developed before reaching the ore at level Any shareholder may inspect any of the documents or Exhibits referred to in this Report or any other disclosure by making a request to the Company in writing.

The Board of the Company may terminate the plan at any time provided that such termination shall not alter the terms or conditions of any option or impair any right of any participant pursuant to any option granted prior the date of such termination. Based on the nature of the income, assets and activities of the Company, it is not certain whether the Company could be classified as a PFIC for any taxable year.

The mill process includes two separate circuits: However, any amendment of the plan which would:. If a participant ceases to be a director of the Company or any of its subsidiaries for any reason other than death he may, within the day period, thereafter, exercise any options held by such participant.

If the board does not provide continuing education, describe how the board ensures that its directors maintain the skill and knowledge necessary to meet their obligations as directors. Mining, processing, development, and exploration activities depend, to one degree or another, on adequate infrastructure. Although we believe that our plans, intentions and expectations as reflected in or suggested by those forward-looking statements are reasonable we can give no assurance that the plans, intentions or expectations will be achieved.