Variants. R Crotale. HQ-7 (Chinese Variant). R SICA (Shahine). Crotale NG. Crotale Mk Role and Mobility, Short-Range Air and. Crotale NG (New Generation). It appeared in It is a much redesigned version of the basic Crotale. Missiles have a range of 11 km, maximum speed of. Series Model Variants • Crotale R – Base Variant • Crotale NG – Next Generation upgraded version • Crotale – Modernized Crotale launcher system.

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A Chinese reverse engineered version of the Crotale. Sometimes it is referred as Sino-Crotale.

Shahab Tagheb, an Iranian short-range air defense missile system. This vehicle detects targets, tracks them, identifies targets, identifies weather it is friend or foe. How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge. In its most recent upgrade, the Crotale NG New Generationfeatures a state of the art thermal camera that provides the Finnish Defence Forces with a dependable real-time image in daylight or at night.

Views Read Edit View history. It also has an optical aiming system.

Crotale: How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge

It appeared in Archived from the original on 27 July Armor of this vehicle provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. A long-range version of the Crotale NG. It can engage helicopters, aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and anti-radiation missiles.


Faced with increasing and multifaceted threats, Crotale NG will continue to contribute to a stronger and more secure Europe. This system incorporates an optical tracker.

Crotale NG/GR | Hellenic Air Force

A specific version of the Crotale designed for Saudi Arabia with a specialized carrier. Images marked with “www. By a total of 20 batteries were delivered. Here the number of launchers is eight. Four NG units can be networked to act in unison, providing a steady shield against incoming air attacks and cruise missiles. A wide range of its variants have been built.

Video of the Crotale short-range air defense missile system. Detection range is Crotale NG entered production in In Saudi Arabia ordered a number of these missile systems.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The TV-guidance system uses both regular and nh cameras. There is also a towed variant, that is less mobile. It takes about 5 minutes to launch missiles from travelling. Its production commenced in the late s. The French army first utilised a 4×4 wheeled vehicle, armed with four launchers.

The Crotale NG has incorporated both the launcher and the surveillance radar in one vehicle.

It is a modernization of the French Crotale systems. There is also a towed version, for air defense of fixed sites. Soon after the French air force ordered this system for airfield defense, naming the system Crotale. And up to 10 km between proximate ACU. Bush Lieutenant General Thomas S. The system was developed during the late s. mg


Crotale (missile)

Other marks have included the HQ-7 Chinese reverse-engineered model then copied by the Iranians. Throughout the decades, Thales has continually upgraded the Crotale with new features including improved connectivity and electronics.

The origins of this air defense system lie in South N order. The firing system includes the main sensors of the ship, the firing system of the turretand a central coordination system.

Aircraft of the French Air Force. Research Initiated Recent News. At the same time, the number of launchers were increased to six. It also has improved radar that has detection range of 18 km.

Dodgen Admiral Wayne E. Thales Air Defence, Bagneux, France. Top 10 Fighter Aircraft. The Crotale missile system consists of two components; a vehicle for transport, equipped with launchers, a tracking radar is located between the launchers.

Archived from the original PDF on 30 September The system has new surveillance radar. Missile Missile length 3 m Missile diameter 0.