HexaLock Releases New DVD-R Copy Protection and a tutorial, and there is even a protected disc image if you want to try to crack it. Copy Protection Made Easy – Virtually any content type distributed on CD-R can be copy protected from illegal copying and use! You can create copy protected. HexaLock developers have many years of experience in computer security, copy protection, cracking and hacking. HexaLock VDH technology takes advantage.

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Are you an Educational or Government customer? An awful lot of OEM service manuels are using it and it gets really tuff to drag a PC under a truck with you to read the manuel. Software developers wish to protect alpha and beta versions of their PC titles before launching the titles.

I just want to print. Unreal Media Server Here is the website for this software. You will normally receive your item in working days. Double click on a PPT file to make sure that it truely is working, and close powerpoint viewer out. Instead, a static bit pattern will appear. When making a copy of an original protected disc the VDH pattern will disappear. hesalock

Copy Protection from a DVD recorder? Contact Image Source for more information at by using our online contact form.

Call Sales on In addition to the fact that unauthorized copies cannot be made, it is possible to implement a serialization feature, that makes every disc unique, and a user authentication feature that prevents unauthorized individuals from using the disc. Any update on this protection? Results 1 to 8 of 8. VDH technology has been in use for over a year exclusively within the military and government sectors.


Powerful, easy-to-use to tools allow publishers to create copy protected CD-ROMs and CD-RX discs with excellent compatibility and outstanding resistance to copying software while at the same time providing an exceptionally transparent solution to their end-user customers.

VDH technology is not an optical hologram, but this is a good model to help explain the way VDH works. I may make a few changes to make the app easier to use. Check our Blog for up to date information. HexaLock VDH technology is very similar.

I can only view the files from PPTView. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Macromedia Director compiled executables using the following file types: This innovated system is easy and inexpensive to use, and provides full protection against all known pirating bexalock.

The program files are linked to security elements during the recording process, thus creating a copy-protected CD-R. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. This should also work to capture PDF or any other stationary content which is displayed on screen by utilizing screen capture feature.

This kind of reminded me of Sony’s copy protection on their playstation games as I read this. It don’t really stop you, if you do a binary copy.

Hexalock – Copy Protection – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

HexaLock CD-RX media are specially made CD-R’s that contain a pre-compiled session, which includes security elements that make the discs copy protectable. After all, why would you want or need copies of audio or video you already have? When you open Part 1 hexaloc, sure you select a folder that is on your computer, because you cant write files to a cd Select My Documents or desktop or something…then select file button and find the file on your cd drive… That should hecalock it for ya.


Making progress here… I renamed the file to powerpnt. I just stumbled across this two day old news. Choose the folder, load the file… then what? It is not something that comes on a blank DVD-r that affects whatever you burn to it. Error handling and such. Its purpose is for distributors who use recordable media and want some protection. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein.

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There is a contest between the developers of copy protection systems and “crackers”, much like the virus protectors and virus writers. However the copy will not be a perfect digital copy, and the process is time consuming.

The most likely method of breaking the copy protection is to examine the file using a disassembler, which requires considerable programming knowledge, and then to post the “crack” on the Internet. Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding. Call us now on More Hexalock Copy Protection from Hexalock. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Write a review for this product. Removal of the protection is illegal.

Like I said, we are letting HexaLock do the work for us. Please keep your comments relevant to this product. Try renaming it to one of these: