Download download document. hhhh. NORMA COVENIN EQUIPOS DE PROTECCIÓN PERSONALDocuments · Norma Covenin – 89 . Download norma download document. norma NORMA COVENIN EQUIPOS DE PROTECCIÓN PERSONALDocuments · Norma. In addition, the Venezuelan Commission for Industrial Standards (COVENIN) has Norma Covenin – 89 / Ropa, Equipos y Dispositivos de Protección.

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Workers have the right to refuse to work in a situation, or remove themselves from a situation which cofenin have a reasonable justification to believe presents an imminent or serious danger to their life or health.

The law provides penalties against employers and their representatives when the violation of OSH regulations leads to permanent damages or disabilities of workers. All workplaces, institutions, or companies in the public or private sector shall have ocvenin OSH delegates elected by workers. Up to 10 workers: Domestic workers are expressly included within the scope of application of the Organic Law on Prevention, Working Conditions and Working Environment Art.

Workers have the right to withdraw from work, in the case of omissions or imprudence which may seriously affect their health and safety. Employers shall adopt all the necessary measures to ensure workers the adequate safety and health and the appropriate working conditions.

Organic Labour Law, Arts. The Organic Law on Prevention, Working Conditions and Working Environment does not expressly exclude workers in the agricultural sector. The 22378-9 books will record the information regarding the place, date and time of the meeting, identification of members, issues addressed, agreements taken and any other observation that could be considered appropriate.

The OSH committees shall: Time taken by the prevention OSH delegates to perform their duties and for training on OSH issues, shall be considered part of the working day and shall be paid.

Requirements for record keeping in relation to OSH committees are set out in the legislation.


The law lays down the right of workers to confidentiality of their personal health records. The Ministry responsible for health and safety at work shall formulate and assess the national OSH policy.

norma – [Download PDF]

Employers shall consult workers and their organizations before they undertake measures that could bring about organizational changes that may affect a group of workers or all of them in OSH related matters. A non-dependent worker or self-employed worker is the one who does not depend on any employer.

The Organic Labour Law indicates that its Title IV applies to the labour relations defined therein which include home workersand that aspects not regulated in that Title shall be governed by the rest of provisions contained in the Organic Labour Law, its Regulation and special laws Art.

In the case of a warning, a deadline for compliance shall be set out. Workers have the right to covejin reassigned to a different position due to health and rehabilitation reasons.

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of – 2013

Inspectors shall ensure the compliance with the standards of working conditions, health and safety at work, protection of the family, motherhood and fatherhood, in all inspections within their territorial jurisdiction. The employer shall ensure that this information is conveyed properly, including through specific training for workers. Delegates on prevention OSH issues, democratically elected according to the law, shall represent the workers at the committee on safety and health at work.

This system shall include the record, analysis, interpretation 2237-889 dissemination, if possible, derived from individual or collective evaluation of the health condition of employees. Prevention OSH delegates, in order to perform their duties, shall have access, with the limitations provided by the law, to the necessary information and documentation relating to the 2237-89 conditions.

Employers shall assess and record the levels of safety and working conditions and keep them updated. In the event of the death of a worker as a result of serious violations of occupational safety and health regulations, the employer or their representatives, shall be punished with imprisonment from eight 8 up to ten 10 years.


Pregnant workers and their partners shall not be dismissed from work by employers from the beginning of the pregnancy until two years after delivery. Manufactures, importers 2237-899 suppliers of products and chemicals used in the workplace shall provide information indicating the correct way to use the chemical substances by workers, additional preventive measures to be taken, and the hazards associated with both proper and improper use and handling.

The Organic Law on Prevention, Working Conditions and Working Environment applies to any dependent worker, whatever is the nature of the work, the place where the work is performed, be it a profit or a non-profit-making activity, public or private, and in general, this Law applies to any provision of personal services by a worker to an employer, whatever the form is, with exception of the cases expressly excluded by the law Art.

Pregnant workers have the right to maternity leave of 6 weeks before delivery and 20 weeks after, with possibility of extension.

Workers are provided with, at least, a lunch break of one hour and are allowed to leave the work premises during this break if they wish to. Employers shall develop and maintain an surveillance system of occupational accidents and epidemiological diseases in accordance with the provisions of the OSH legislation. This service shall be multidisciplinary and it is critical in the field of prevention, according to the provisions of OSH legislation.

Employers shall report to the National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work, the occupational diseases and accidents and any other pathological conditions established by law that may occur in the workplace and shall keep a record of them.