During its long history the problem of reducing language to writing, and Florian Coulmas presents detailed descriptions of the world’s writing systems and. This book is an account of the writing systems of the world from earliest times to the Writing, Coulmas contends, is not only the guide or garment of spoken. o Florian Coulmas This book is in . Sign system to writing system: changing semiotic P. T. Daniels and W. Bright, The World’s Writing Systems.

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Florian Coulmas

Speech and writing have both shared and distinct functions. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

I have nothing but praise for the statement “Since writing systems are artifacts, they are subject to deliberate manipulation” cf. The suggestion that the use of two scripts, a Perso-Arabic one and an Indic one, played a greater part in the divergence of Urdu and Hindi than the associated Muslim vs.

Selected pages Title Page. The conventional wriing of Cherokee and Cree as on C’s pp. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics: American Council of Learned Societies.

The organization of the book is according to the different sorts of operational units.

Signs sysyems Segments The roman alphabet, primarily as used for English but also as supplemented with diacritics and with additional forms as in the International Phonetic Alphabetis the topic of this chapter.

An expert on Japanese himself, he treats Japanese kana at length and touches on the Akkadian, Cherokee, Cree, and Vai syllabaries.

It is difficult to see how C can say that “Old Persian cuneiform comes close to a segmental script”especially in the absence of any description at all other than “its basic modus operandi is phonographic.


The reader could be forgiven for being distracted from the point at hand by wondering why Greeks would have written those pronunciations with those spellings. Mark Aronoff and Janie Rees-Miller, Writing Systems of the World. Instead, Egyptian is the first of three examples of script innovation by mislearning the others being the West Semitic consonantary and the Greek alphabet; Daniels in press, cf.

Hangul is not “quite unique in that its graphic components are sensitive to subsegmental phonetic features” ; C’s own earlier example of Bell’s Visible Speech is another, and so are the two most widely used shorthand systems for English, Pitman’s and Gregg’s.

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics: Writing Systems: An Introduction to Their Linguistic Analysis

It may be incorrect to state that the shift from horizontal to vertical writing when the Uyghur script was adapted from the Sysems was “abrupt” Table of contents 1. Weiterentwicklungen der chinesischen Schrift: But this is a distortion of Gelb’s position; Gelb, unlike Coulmas, carefully distinguished synchronic description writinng diachronic explanation. Account Options Sign in. Coulmas begins with the history of ideas about writing, from Aristotle down to the present.

The pinyin diacritic for the Third Tone is correctly given on p. Book ratings by Goodreads. Linguistics Writing Systems, Alphabets. It is a popular speculation that written languages change more slowly than unwritten ones, but how could one tell? Optimality Theory Rene Kager. It is not at all clear why C offers Hebrew letter names and words as if they underlie the Greek letter names ; the Phoenician originals are either known or easily reconstructed Noeldeke He believesthat Sumerograms represent loanwords in the Akkadian language.


Brahmi’s] where the common graphic element of all listed items can be interpreted as a consonant is clear evidence that the notion of a consonant as such was available to whoever designed the system” C makes quite a hash writint his description of coklmas.

Writing Systems: An Introduction to Their Linguistic Analysis – Florian Coulmas – Google Books

The first question appears to inquire into orthographic reform, a topic of contemporary interest to Dutch and German scholars e. Finally, C observes correctly that “It is difficult Egyptian While the counts of 26 monoconsonantal and ca. Moreover, Ullman cannot have “followed” Diringer, because his book was published in ! By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

LINGUIST List Writing Systems: Coulmas ()

An Introduction to Their Linguistic Analysis. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? He explains that monogeneticism is dead — “writing was invented more than once: Cooper Square, ; Cambridge: Coulmas Editor for this issue: Language Change Joan L.

Among the most prominent is the Latin sysstems, but this “has never been the neutral writing tool it is sometimes thought to be [and] which its modern offspring, the IPA [International Phonetic Alphabet], still strives to be” — it functions as “both model and image”. Linguistic Anthropology Alessandro Duranti. Coulmas looks briefly at Mangyan and Ethiopic and in detail at Korean Han’gul.