Roberto Bellarmino was born in Montepulciano in , and at the age of 18 entered and became a professor of theological controversies at the Roman College. In Pope Pius XI () beatified Roberto Bellarmino as a saint. Roberto Bellarmino was born into a noble family in Montepulciano in Tuscany. Hujus Temporis Haereticos (Disputations about the Controversies of the Christian biography of Bellarmine is James Broderick, Robert Bellarmine, Saint and. St. Robert Bellarmine, Italian in full San Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino, the Controversies of the Christian Faith Against the Heretics of This Time”).

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List of Jesuit educational institutions List of Jesuit development centres. Likewise at this time he sat on the final commission for the revision of the Vulgate text. He visited his clergy as well as religious men and women to encourage them to renew the Church.

He taught there until Concepts of Hierarchy and the Great Chain of Being. Attending the local Jesuit college, he proved himself to be an excellent student.

San Roberto Bellarmino, Rome

Bellarmine calmly and fairly reviewed the issues [7] and devoted eleven years to it while at the Roman College. Among his other duties he taught the catechism to students and lay brothers, and his lessons eventually led to Dottrina Cristiani Breve Brief Christian Doctrine Rome,a small catechism for children, and Dichiarazione piX Copiosa della Dottrina Cristiani A more copious declaration of the Christian doctrine Rome,a catechism for teachers.

However, Bellarmine still makes his contribution. Please try again later.


zan Bellarmine is also widely remembered for his role in the Giordano Bruno affair, the Galileo affair and the trial of Friar Fulgenzio Manfredi. Other treatises followed on either side, and the result of one, written in denial of the deposing power by William Barclayan English jurist resident in Francewas that Bellarmine’s reply to it was branded by the Regalist Parlement of Paris.


Bellarmine was born at Montepulcianothe son of noble, albeit impoverished, parents, Vincenzo Bellarmino and his wife Cinzia Cervini, who was the sister of Pope Marcellus II.

Also, Christian theology that always taught that the earth was central to our world Geocentric Theory because it was home to the most important creation of God, the human race.

It is not enough to believe. The inquiry de Auxiliiswhich after all Clement had not seen his way to decide, was now terminated with a settlement on the lines of Bellarmine’s original suggestion.

Chiesa di San Roberto Bellarmino – Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Pope Marcellus II reigned for only one month before his death. He returned to Rome in as theological advisor to Pope Clement VIII, and published two catechisms, one designed for children and one designed for teachers.

Part of a series on the. In Bellarmine became the spiritual director of the Collegio Romano. Several years ago, a man came to the door of the rectory at St. Revised and condensed version of the earlier two-volume study.

Bellarmine lived to see one more conclavethat which elected Gregory XV February, The debate did not fade away until The answer he received from Clavius and saj pupils was favorable to Galileo, but in spite of these apparent triumphs something at Rome was working against him. Learn more about citation robfrto Citation styles Encyclopedia. But a technical obstacle, arising out bellaemino Urban VIII’s own general legislation in regard to beatifications, required its prorogation at that time.


He took up too–as is witnessed by his letter to Galileo’s friend Foscarini–exactly the right attitude towards scientific theories in seeming contradiction with Scripture.

He engaged in a public debate, a war of books and pamphlets, concerning the divine right of kings with James I of England.

Edited by Gerard Smith, pp. He was one of the most vontroversias figures in the Counter-Reformation. From the initial article written by Gaillard Hunt, an archivist at the Library of Congress and a convert to Catholicism, in studies were published supporting both sides of this debate in the pages of many of the most scholarly journals of our country.

At the end of wan, Sixtus V named Bellarmine as theological advisor to Cardinal Enrico Gaetani, the pope’s legate examining the conflict in the French church between those who supported the Huguenot king, Henry IVand those who opposed his reign. Paolo Sarpias spokesman for the Republic of Venice, protested against the papal interdictand reasserted the principles of the Council of Constance and of the Council of Baseldenying the pope’s rberto in secular matters. Bellarmine was called back to Rome by Pope Paul V in to serve on various congregations.

The year before, inin a letter to Antonio Foscarini author of a Lettera In he was made a cardinal. Crowds came to hear him. History of the Catholic Church.