Conquista de lo inútil has ratings and reviews. Lee said: Here’s something to do before the end of the month: read this book and watch Fitzcar. WERNER HERZOG CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition). Stock Image. CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition): WERNER HERZOG. With Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Justo González. In the s, an adolescent Werner Herzog was transfixed by a film performance of the .

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What else can you do but give this one two thumbs up?

The sheer spectacle of seeing this boat being hauled and the effect it has on the characters in this film is mesmerizing. The women watched from a safe distance, not looking happy. Herzog’s recollections cover a gamut of information – the socioeconomic situations of the countries in which he was filming, the politics, the weather, the wildlife, his crew and film-buddies.

First there was a dream about hauling a boat over a mountain, then there was the story Fitzcarraldo to male that dream a solid thing, then there was the film, during which a documentary was made which is better than the film, story or dream during which this journal was written and in it you might find the grander meaning of Werner Herzog: Whether I was being seduced by passages such as the one at the top of this review, cackling over his responses to the latest outburst from Kinski I really, really enjoy their relationship, and never more so than when they’re really NOT enjoying it or wondering at the descriptions of his latest vision, I was never anything less than fully engaged and awed.

Dozens of LOLs, often at audacious, over-the-top descriptions, or sudden crazy jumps from sentence to sentence. A surprisingly rich, if somewhat unexpectedly tangential read. One appreciates Herzog’s language as he struggles to describe what he sees in the Amazonian jungle. In the morning, by the boat landing, where a more powerful lamp has been installed, there were piles of wings on the ground, like a snowdrift. It is very much like a novel, in that it is episodic, and Herzog mixes in dreams and random snippets of past news with the daily reality.


Leaving my musings aside, this book, the diary Herzog kept while shooting the film, is not about the film. Drug dealers have murdered the albino turkey conqjista the tumorous blue face.

Some of my wernee passages from the book involves those two particular crazies: But Herzog is an engaging diarist and a witty observer, and in short, this is the diary of a madman. Anyone who says otherwise is, well In the night, a child cried and it sounded like Wagner. I found it comforting to note that I was still breathing. But in the film the geography has to be visible: How did he have the energy for all this, just reading it was exhausting.

They pointed at Kinski, and the way they spoke left no doubt that they were prepared to do the deed in the next sixty seconds. Also, the overall morale of the crew was thin and was not helped by psychotic tantrums thrown by German actor Klaus Kinski.

A Conquista do Inútil: Werner Herzog, o Barão de Iquitos

Only his faith in his own lunacy, and the help of scores of inscrutable Indians, are herrzog to make the dreams of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald real.

Talk about an understatement. For Herzog the birds don’t sing, they cry out in pain. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo by Werner Herzog

This book, a collection of his journal passages written while shooting his epic “Fitzcaraldo” in the deep Peruvian jungle in the early s, offers a glimpse of how that mind works and the types of insane situations that must pepper cojquista of Herzog’s life to shape his singular outlook on earthly existence. Even though I am familiar with the film, a short preface establishing the situation would have been nice.


Everything about it is sinful, for which reason the sin does not stand out as sin. But is there justice in the desert, either?

Want to Read saving…. Reality, dreams and imagination all flow together with no boundaries.

Conquista de lo inútil by Werner Herzog (4 star ratings)

Instead, it reads more like a travelogue from a really terrible vacation. While weeping I noticed my tears tasted of mutton. I love me some Jason Robards, don’t get me wrong. It’s as much an inspiration as a kind of warning. His films are quirky and always wholly original, both in terms of subject matter and his ferociously unique perspective. The subtitle of this book, “Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo”, is a little misleading – while it is a collection of diary entries that Herzog wrote during the production of that film, very little of it has to do with actual filmmaking.

When we got worried hours later and opened the closet to check, we found him asleep on ocnquista knees. Ficke composed the score of many of Conquieta most famous films and passed away in donquista There is a sense that nothing has changed in centuries out there in the water and vines.

Years later, they would share an apartment where, in an herrzog, forty-eight-hour There’s a point where Jason Robards has dropped out of the production and Herzog conqiusta considering taking on the lead role himse Gave this to Jeremy for Christmas and look — now I’m reading it.

Later he turned those recollections into a book, Conquest of the Useless. I’d make a caique my king and he would be a playful god.