Complications of csom andha Kumar, 1. Subtitle Complications Of CSOM; 2. Define complication with reference to. Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a common public health problem in India. Though there is decline in the incidence of complications but. complications of CSOM however, the rate of complication associated with squamous-type CSOM is still significant in Southeast Asia.1,2 Bezold.

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Intracranial complications of acute and chronic infectious ear disease: Lateral sinus thrombosis in our series had zero mortality as compared to other series [ 36 — 8 ].

Complications of chronic suppurative otitis media- still a menace. This may take place through three routes which include hematogenous dissemination, thrombophlebitis, and direct extension. Turner B, Eynon-Lewis N. Vinod Tukaram Kandakure Opp. vomplication

An unusual prevalence of complications of CSOM in young adults. High resolution computed tomography temporal bone showing hypodense lesion involving left mastoid air cells, left mastoid antrum extending through aditus into middle air cavity with features of mild destruction of the bony margins of petrous apex Click here to view. Rokim MG Tablet. Medical College Hospital Jabalpur M. Chronic suppurative otitis media-burden of illness and management options. Complications of chronic suppurative otitis media and their management.


Canal wall down mastoidectomy was done in all cases in our series because of extensive cholesteatoma and taking into consideration a possibility of lack of follow up after surgery as most of the patients were from near by village with a poor economic condition making them unable to bear second surgery.

The development of subperiosteal abscess with or without fistula leads to reduction of pressure of pus within the middle ear cleft complixation in turn reduces the chances of infection spreading intracranially. We suggest that appropriate investigation and early treatment should be made in every patient who presents with fever headache and neck stiffness.

Intracranial group Extracranial group Organism isolated No. Surgery of the facial nerve. Dubey SP, Larawin V. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; Email this article Login required. High resolution computed tomography temporal bone complicatin presence of destruction of mastoid air cells with soft tissue opacification and extension of soft tissue in the middle ear with ear ossicles embedded in it.

Still a problem in 21st century. The patients included students and housewives. A problem still with us. Otitic facial nerve palsy was encountered in seven cases and all of them underwent surgery.

Common Complications Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM)!

The subperiosteal abscess was the major co-disease. It is hoped that this study might give some options and awareness to all otorhinolaryngologists that will result in early diagnosis, prompt treatment and further reduction of mortality.


Best Homeopathic Medicines For Laryngitis! The mortality in our series is zero as compared to other series [ 1346 ].

Complications of suppurative otitis media: Ceftriaxone depending on culture and sensitivity. Out of these temporal abscess is most commonly found. complicatuon

Common Complications Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM)! – By Dr. Honey Gupta | Lybrate

Radiology quiz case 2. Eroate MG Tablet. Blood could not be aspirated. There is a need to emphasize the importance of accurate and early diagnosis followed by adequate surgical therapy with a multidisciplinary approach.

Intracranial complications of suppurative otitis media: Radical mastoidectomy—its place in otitic intracranial complications. Simple mastoidectomy was performed in presence of reversible pathological changes such as mild to moderate middle ear mucosa swelling and good aditus drainage. Brain abscess is the most common IC complication in our series all are caused by extensive cholesteatoma.

The epidemiological presentation, clinical features and results of treatment are discussed. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ;