1. 1. B 5 5. 5 5. C. 1. 1. D 2. 2. E. F. G. H. Non-Standard Distribution Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M (series), Conventional. (f) Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M (series). (g) Casualty .. h. Recommend performance requirements for boat crew positions that would enhance proficiency and safety. Oxyacetylene PQS. M (series) v. H. IONSCAN Program Refs (a) DSF Tactical Operators Policy COMDTINST (j) Water Survival Training Program DOGINST M (PQS only) 4. Carrier Pouches/straps/accessories: Pouches stowed properly; no loose.

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Backpacks may also be worn over both shoulders forward to aft when wearing the ODU.

Additional Comments Worn year around – official evening functions when civilians wear Footwear Brass Watches Bracelets Necklaces Identification Tags Rings Oxfords, pumps, or flats shined, boots well blackened, edges dressed, all in good condition.

Prior to m35024. overhauls, planned or unplanned maintenance availabilities, the Fire Marshall will: Coast Guard is sewn above left pocket and must n be shorter than or extended beyond the width of the ODU breast pocket.

Uniforms and Components 3. Pregnant women may adjust outerwear closure as needed to prevent discomfort. Long or short sleeved shirts are worn with tab tie. Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy, will prescribe the uniform for wear by all cadets and permanent detail. The skirt material is the same as used for the maternity jumper. Uniform is surrendered upon discharge. Government vehicles, vessels, or aircraft X Traveling on orders in commercial conveyances X Traveling on orders in a foreign country X On Duty Under Instruction X Participating in traditional veteran s functions, parades, X ceremonies, and other community events honoring the United States or U.



Personnel with five or less must wear all authorized. This is a temporary solution for the period that personnel are working in the hot climate.

Men The jacket is a semipeaked jacket with narrow lapels and the back tapered to a point, made from authorized navy blue black fabric. The stripes are worn on the outer left sleeve of the blue Service Dress Coat and Dinner Dress jacket. Master Diver A pewter insignia with the same design as the Diving Officer.

Donating or selling of distinct individual uniform type clothing i.

Full text of “Coast Guard Medical Manual”

Embroidered Blue Crew Neck T-shirt. Rating designator designate enlisted personnel, pay grades E-2 and E-3, for the rating of which they are qualified, and marks are on a blue background and consist of the same type of specialty insignia used in pay grades E-4 through E D Page Article 4.

Wearing headgear while in an enclosed vehicle may be appropriate during ceremonial occasions or may be required by the local regulations of other military services while on board their facilities. Only small items shall be carried in the pockets and must not distort the look of the jacket. The standard for nametags requires the last name only. The badge is worn on all uniforms except ODUs. Personnel may wear the badge during and after the period of their detail Commandant s Staff Identification Badge This badge is awarded on a temporary basis upon assignment to positions certified by the Executive Assistant to the Commandant.

Shipyard Competent Person Program: All personnel will comply with these regulations and serve as a positive example A mentor for the proper wearing of Coast Guard uniforms. The ribbon is worn without any device for marksman qualification. Sew-on cloth insignia are required.


Removal of Rank Insignia Commanding officers may temporarily require the removal of rank insignia from ball caps if warranted by local circumstances. Since there are no epaulets on the jumper, collar devices will be worn on the light blue shirts under the jumper. Only as required for military duties when wearing ODU and must not interfere with the proper fit of safety and protective gear. A handbag of plain, unadorned black, dark blue, or white as appropriate leather or synthetic material, envelope style not more than 12 inches wide, 8 inches high, and 5 inches deep.

Closing a confined space 6. May not be worn to functions that civilians would wear coat and tie. Boatswain s Mate BM Crossed anchors with crowns down.

Likewise, the responsibility for identification of fire and safety hazards does not rely entirely on the DCPO. French nails are authorized with a white tip only.


Nothing will interfere or take precedence over a command s discretion and responsibility to make an on-site, temporary correction when these regulations conflict with the health and safety of their assigned personnel.

One embroidered m502.4 is worn on the ODU. It has no markings.

It cannot be prescribed as the uniform of the day and is not authorized for wear outside the workspace.