Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be easily The $ bonus offer is provided solely by Slickdeals and is unrelated . Comcast does .. Deal Discussion; Deal Talk · Rebates · Help Me Find a Deal. of months, they must remember to fill out separate rebate forms for the modem, and for a $ I00 credit. It takes another three months or so to process those rebates . Let’s examine one such offer, listed in early on , Then a bit smaller, these enticements: “Plus free modem, and $ cash back. You can check your status* by clicking on Status Lookup or ask questions by clicking on Contact. If you have any questions regarding your status you may also .

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Had techs out several times.

Yes I’d like to make a payment for my telephony. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get a strong signal when the router you have is not working well.

Digital Landing is a scam and we should create awarness against them. To make a long story short, Comcast was billing me comcastpffers the original modem and the modem I purchased.

When I did, there was a dropoff box out front, reate I went inside to handle the transaction in person. Created at As part of the installation, Comcast put in a Netgear cable modem that also dubbed as a wifi router. Retired and on Social Security I fell for it.


Nevermind Don’t show this again Report Expired. Thanks for all the helpful info. Is that still the model you recommend? Do not close the American Express application window prior to finishing your application.

Amex Offer: Pay Cable TV Bill with Card –

Bad bad mistake, right? Will save you tons and be just as good. Thank you for your patience with us.

I ignored the messages for a bit out of laziness. First, I ran a speed test before changing anything. Offer is on my Amex BCP. Looks like I will have to update my DirecTV auto pay for the next 4 months.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Top Travel and Rewards Credit Cards of In recent talks with a Comcast tech, Flrm found out that this is quite common. To qualify for the additional bonus, comcastfofers follow these steps: We respect your privacy.

I called Comcast, err XFinity customer service and scheduled to have a tech come out. If you used this offer when it was last posted here then you may not get the offer this time around. We will never share your email address with a third party. Payments made at service centers do not qualify. Thanks drdvls Card Features: So rebat you have it — there are three ways to get rid of your Comcast gateway rental fee.


I called their billing service and they told me they made a mistake!!!

Typical strategy for Comcast. I cancelled Comcast in May due to moving to an apartment complex that would not allow Comcast at all. You must submit this form within 4 weeks of being approved.

3 Ways to Get Rid of your Comcast Modem Rental Fee

When I called they admitted they really dont bundle but if you call they will give you a customer loyalty annual discount of at least You get the picture, right? After replacing my modem with the Motorola The first time I inquired about this a couple of years agothey claimed that I would have to produce the box.

Is there a list of approved Comcast modems anywhere? We need a class action against comcast They give you a promo and all of a sudden you are locked into a 2 year contract because I said yes to a promo Not the only senior this is happening to.

I thought you had to have a Comcast installed gateway in order to get service. Well, after several weeks of phone calls, Comcast wanted me to comcastoffesr the receipt.