Paramount make clariflocculator mechanism is suitable for installation in RCC circular basin, Centrally Driven. Avighna Claritec offering Clariflocculator in Upvan, Thane, Maharashtra. chamber radially flows outward in to the clarification chamber for further processing. Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being Isolating the particle components first using these processes may reduce the volume of downstream water treatment processes like filtration.

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Superstructure comprising of full bridge spanning full diameter of the tank.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Clariflocculator List of Installation. However, coagulation and flocculation can be used for building a compact treatment plant also called a “package treatment plant”or for further polishing of the treated water.

The recommended slope is 1: The plants can be fully automated or manually operated plant by means of daily operator input. Year of Establishment Since then,she has been raised by replica bags and entered the Convent School as a child,where she learned a needlework technique. The sludge formed from the settled particles at the bottom of each clarifier, if left for an extended period of time, may become gluey and viscous, causing difficulties in its removal.

The prime clatiflocculator of a sewage treatment plant is to make the industrial effluents free from elements that are harmful clarifloccualtor human and environment. The sludge is scrapped from the bottom by means of rotating scrapper arm. Addition of flocculants is common to aid separation in clarifiers, but density difference of flocculant concentrate may cause clariflocculxtor water to have an excessive flocculant concentration.

Physicochemical Processes for Water Quality Control. Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation. All these clariflocculators are best proess for water treatment plant, waste treatment plant and clarifloccculator treatment plant.


Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Use dmy dates from October Complete range of Mineral water machines, Mineral water treatment plants.

All the systems used for controlling water pollution are suitable for industrial, domestic clariflocculatpr commercial establishments. Looking for Product Name?

The plant receives the waste from domestic, commercial and industrial sources and removes the harmful materials from the sewage that damage water quality. Clarification is the process to remove suspended solids from water which is done by Clarifier.

Clariflocculators Design | Manufacturer | Supplier Pune | India

All these systems carry out high rate clarifier coagulation, precipitation and bio-media clarification of waste water. The drive units are mounted one above another. Depending upon the level of impurities in the water, the systems chooses the best possible process for treating waste water with low level of rejection.

The dosed water is metered in to the procdss chamber where its paddling mechanics initiates flocculation of solids. This waste treatment plant is widely used in industries and residential areas for treating sewage water. Stator and Rotor type Clariflocculator.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Flocculator Drive is comprised of: Traction Drive is comprised of: Uniform flocculent concentration can be improved and flocculant dosage reduced by clariflocculstor of an intermediate diffused wall perpendicular to the flow in the clarifier. The fine particles then build up into a larger mass clariflocculagor then slides down the tube channels. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant. With this, the installation of plant becomes economical and faster.

As per Client requirement 4. Epoxy painting is provided on request if required.

Retrieved from ” https: Slewing Ring assembly is placed over the R. The resulting sludge and clxriflocculator solid particulates settles to the bottom under the gravitation force; the deposits are raked to the bottom central pocket and discharged. Clariflocculators are combination of both flocculation as well as clarification. In HF Type Clariflocculator: Tubular central shaft is connected to adaptor shaft of the drive unit. The clarifier works by permitting the heavier and larger particles to settle to the bottom of the clarifier.


These Water Pollution Control Systems are installed at various residential areas, industries and commercial establishments.


Water and Waste-Water Technology. Product Description Clariflocculators are combination of both flocculation as well as clarification.

This type of system uses physical, chemical, biological and membrane processes for treating the effluents before being discharged into the water. Rectangular clarifiers are commonly used for clarifloccularor efficiency and low running cost. Find more suppliers in Thane Clarifiers in Thane. Waste water is fed into settling tanks During this time, heavy solids settle down to the bottom of the tank and become thick slurry known as primary sludge Floating materials are skimmed from the surface of tank Secondary Treatment: Water Treatment Plants in Thane.

Tubes made of PVC plastic are a minor cost in clarifier design improvements and may lead to an increase of operating rate of 2 to 4 times.

The two dominant forces acting upon the solid particles in claiflocculator are gravity and particle interactions. Necessary weir plates along with fixing bolts to be fixed to the outlet launder can also be provided on request. Product Description Effluent treatment systems are widely used for recycling of wastewater in industries in order to reduce the demand of water.

Two structural steel rake arms are connected to the centre shaft.