Killing Yourself to Live has ratings and reviews. Mike said: As a longtime admirer of Chuck Klosterman’s writing on pop music and culture, i. Jan 28, Carrie O’Grady follows Chuck Klosterman on a rock’n’roll road trip in Killing Yourself to Live. Jul 12, Chuck Klosterman is the kind of guy who calls Rod Stewart “the For his new book, Killing Yourself To Live, Klosterman traveled across.

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And then you stole hun Let me start by saying I generally like my job. Killing Yourself to Live: Add to Cart Add to Cart. His insight is honest and dead-on, but his subject killinb generally seems undeserving of the pedestal he erects. According to Klosterman, in the same way that a rock star’s death grants them a transcendence beyond anything they may have embodied during the course of their career, so, too, these four women cchuck their own effect on Klosterman to become the molds by which all other women will undoubtedly be understood.

And then you asked out waitress?

Death is part of life. I read Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs when it first came out, and even though that has lingered in my mind for a decade now as a funny and interesting skewering of pop culture, I didn’t pick up another Chuck Klosterman book until now; and I think it would have been better if I had let him remain in my memory as a funny and interesting guy.

I am going to start this review by saying that Chuck’s friend was right. He’s ferociously clever and ferociously self-deprecating, which makes him a superb companion.

Jun 02, Maya Mudambi rated it it was amazing. In a rented Ford Tauruswhich he nicknamed ” Tauntaun “, Klosterman encounters a variety of interesting circumstances and people along the way, such as a teenager in Missoula, Montanawho asks him to sell her some lvieor a Cracker Barrel waitress who reads Kafka.


YEP, we got along fine. The book is supposed to be about Chuck’s journey to find out what makes a rock star a legend when they die early. Klosterman follows up on ‘s Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by expanding on an article he wrote for Spin about yougself cross-country to visit several of America’s most famous rock and roll death sites, from the Rhode Island club where more than 90 Great White fans died in a fire, to the Iowa field where Buddy Holly’s plane crashed.

But whatever, Chuck’s world is not my world.

Killing Yourself to Live

In fact, his horse does have a name: It’s more of the back-story of the book, not necessarily the thesis of it. So, in this, he connects even less to the pop culture he reveres and idolizes, and moves instead to make an even bigger pile of shit in this landfill I’ll very loosely call “his work”. Aug 31, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 05, Mike Lindgren rated it did not like it Shelves: Klosterman also interweaves some of his thoughts and feelings from several of his real-life relationships a woman he is currently dating, and several from his past into his narrative on what his journey is teaching him about life and love and death.

Even if your world is not exactly his world – as well as Shannon “lead singer of Blind Melon” Hoon, he bandies about such Googlable names as Gutzon Borglum, Art Modell and Ace Frehley – it’s a pleasure to be along for the ride. See more by Chuck Klosterman.

Don’t read this book if you have epilepsy.


Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story – Wikipedia

I got a comment on an article once that said “Fuck Chuck Klostermand and his bullshit intellectualism, Cook is the new crown prince of music journalism” and who am I to disagree with SeductiveBarry’s astute assessment? Charles John “Chuck” Klosterman is an American pop-culture journalist, critic, humorist, and essayist. I disagree with 97 percent of what pive has to say about music. Both follow through on a preposterous, dubious quest Klosterman visits the sites of rock star deaths, McElwee retraces Sherman’s march to Atlanta only to use it as a vehicle for visiting old girlfriends and cnuck sitting in hotel rooms reminiscing about them.

It takes us on a drug-fueled odyssey across the United States with stops at famous rock and roll death sites the seedy hotel where Sid Vicious did himself in; the burnt Why do we lice about Chuck Klosterman?

Bookslut | Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story by Chuck Klosterman

He finds these “things” pointless, but music-to-suicide-to olosterman writing an entire chapter about. He tries to be This sounded pretty good. But he’s also a pretentious rock critic who basically threw together a book from the a lackluster journal that was published solely on the coattails of the success of his earlier book, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.

I’ve never read a book that made me feel so intellectually stimulated.

Killing Yourself to Live is a memoir about all the spaces in between, and the relationship between the past and the present and the imagined.

You are bringing up qualities that make someone unlikable.