In her fifth Drake Sisters novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan introduces Hannah, one of seven extraordinary women who. Read “Safe Harbor” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. **In her fifth Drake Sisters novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. One of seven daughters in a line of extraordinary women, Hannah Drake has been the elusive object of affection for Jonas Harrington for as long as the young .

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Electricity flashed and sizzled along the edges of the heaviest clouds and the wind began to pick up even more, so that the cyclones out at sea grew taller and spun faster across the water.

Her heart stuttered as she saw him go down.

He heard sounds in the building behind him—the building that should have been a warehouse empty of people. And the attacker, the one who’s brutalized her life is coming back for more. Jackson was hell on wheels at that distance. A woman so far out of reach he might as well try to pull the moon from the sky. I just don’t get all the great reviews about this book. The gale chased hapless men with puny weapons that were useless against the forces of nature.

I also love the house. Overall I enjoyed it but I felt like i really had to push through the first half. Other books in the series. He shook his head and forced his body to the edge. You submitted the following rating and review. And when Boris stepped out of the shadows with his brother, Petr, their nephew, Karl, close behind to ensure their safety, Jonas knew something big was going down.

Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan | : Books

That is the Understatement of the Year do you ffeehan what I did there? The way she is so ashamed of something that is not her fault and that she thinks it makes her weak really explained a lot about her personality.


Extreme amount of repetition which begs me to wonder if anyone even bothered to read through the finished product prior to publication. Shortly before that, their relationship becomes physical for the first time when she confirms his belief that she stutters and has crhistine attacks, both of which are covered up through the magical gifts and loaned strength of her sisters. I discovered the Drake series and I’m hooked.

The metal struck the palms harboe his safs and his closed his fingers in a tight grip. Subjects Fantasy Fiction Romance. Although he has experience in more sophisticated aspects of law enforcement, being the Sheriff of a small town rarely lends itself to a lot of experience with organized crime. Jonas squeezed and the count was two for them, but the entrance to the alley still looked a long way away when the stabbing fire was spreading through his body and his blood was leaking all over the ground.

Jonas stumbled, managed to catch himself, but pain, and the waves of dizziness and nausea were his enemies now. His gut clenched and he fought his way to his knees, his stomach heaving again. Aug 22, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: The part where Hannah is attacked was very visceral and really affected me. I couldn’t wait to see who was behind all the threats, and how they would go about getting out of harm’s way again.

But in her element at home, Hannah is different, as she has a very mischievous nature, especially when it comes to Jonas.

That being said as it progresses and we get to know Hannah, and as Hannah gets to know herself better, the story improved and I finished up the book quite enjoying it in the end. If only the stunning super-model was driven by a passion other than her career. It’s a theme that never gets old for me. She sent a steady air-stream to lift him, the currents carrying him higher, shoving him up the side of the building to the roof and freedom.


The Twilight Before Christmas. In the other books, I kept waiting for one of Hannah’s sisters to clue Jonas in and let him know sage her panic attacks – it was so irritating, they think of him as family, they know how much he loves Hannah, but they still don’t tell him the truth.

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Runway shows aren’t televised unless it’s Victoria’s Secret, which it wasn’t. It is a great privilege to christone counted one myself. I loved this book. Desperate, she sent the wind, a rush of air to wrap around him and then the darkness took her too. It’s always nice to see how the guy takes it when the woman is hurt. I might read book 6; I liked Ilya, the Russian. I loved Hannah feehab Jonas. It is important to understand that Hannah was stabbed in her throat and had fairly extensive scarring, which was obviously a bigger problem for a model than it would be for others.

He wanted it—the peace of oblivion, but the wind whipped around him carrying a feminine voice, soft, entreating, enticing. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Safe Harbor Hannah Drake loves and hates Sheriff Jonas Harrington, but when she uses her gift when she is shot, she acquires a stalker who would like to see her dead. We already have a good idea of who is going to end up with each of the remaining sisters in book 4.

The story centers around Hannah and Jonas.