Children of Scarabaeus is a science fiction novel with a touch of romance by Australian author Sara Creasy, published by Harper Voyager. Released on. Wow, once this book grabs hold of you, it doesn’t let go. I read the first book, Song of Scarabaeus, and enjoyed it, so I jumped at the opportunity. Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, book 2) by Sara Creasy – book cover, description, publication history.

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This is a case where I would be really happy for more books and more adventures with Edie and Finn. When Natesa finds the infojack that created the leash and is ordered to cut it, Edie is terrified this could kill Finn, not to mention the thought that he might choose to leave her behind.

The story’s approach is to assume that the reader has read the first book, which for me, was rather refreshing. I chose to scarabzeus over them.

Children of Scarabaeus – Wikipedia

I hope this author writes more because I will definitely read it. If anything, I am continually surprised that Creasy steers clear of drama and instead imbues her writing with careful subtleties, never fully spelling out the depth of connection between these two lovers, but rather showing us and chidren us to infer on from there.

Honestly, this series is just that good. This makes for great relationship between these two characters.


The minute it was approved, I downloaded it to my nook and sat back in contentment. I could understand Edie’s fears and struggles, as she wasn’t sure if Finn was with her only because of the leash or if he truly had feelings for her. But Natesa’s control extends only so far, especially as the work on her precious Project Ardra isn’t exactly chldren. She just was trying to live her life as best as scxrabaeus could, considering the circumstances.

This is a Quickie Review. Edie and Finn are great characters, and I really liked their romance.

I was taken with the concept of Biocyph and found the overall idea quite clever. B Sensuality Kisses Book Type: The couple has so much heat in the first book and into the second that this scene was just blah.

I This is a Quickie Review.

Children of Scarabaeus

But, by the end, the book really came together. Yes, and I have to say I think I enjoyed this book a little more because of that. It was a pure joy to read. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping.

I loved how intense Finn was; he had quiet but lethal approach to scarabaeud. Children of Scarabaeus Scarabaeus, Book 2 Author s: The review must be at least 50 characters long. I thought he was one of the best heroes I have read about in a while.

Children of Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus, #2) by Sara Creasy

Never assume — This book. Both books in the series are really great reads.

The addition of the children, Pris, Galeon, Raena, and Hanna was a nice touch, but were they really necessary for the overall scheme of things? And, with her control slipping and her professional reputation on the line, Natesa will do anything she can to collar Edie. They always seem more concerned with the others welfare more than their own. You don’t learn anything new about anyone and almost immediately everyone is captured by the Crib and it’s the main heroine complaining of her situation and not doing much about it.


The continuation of Song of Scarabeaus. Nov 02, P.

Joint Review – Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy

Marriage to an American resulted in a second intercontinental move, and she lived in Arizona for five years. The Mark of the Tala. The sequel is not as good as the original but I still really enjoyed the story. All in all, I was very happy with Children of Scarabaeus. She sees him as wcarabaeus unnecessary distraction for Edie. Natessa needs Edie’s help with her newest project, a technology that will terraform planets even faster than ever. Be the first to ask a question about Children of Scarabaeus.