One of the first American Gothic novels, Edgar Huntly () mirrors the social and Edgar Huntly or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker by Charles Brockden Brown. Charles Brockden Brown creates a mysterious, intriguing world in Edgar Huntly. He uses the gothic novel as an examination of the American subconscious, and. Edgar Huntly, Or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker (Penguin Classics) [Charles Brockden Brown, Norman S. Grabo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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Brown covers in a chapter what other writers might cover in a handful of lively paragraphs. Would you look at that? Another book in the I-guess-this-was-ok-or-at-least-interesting-to-discuss-in-class hunttly century American lit series. About Charles Brockden Brown. He has no proof of any of his claims, though the evidence supports it, and Edgar believes him.

Edgar Huntly – Broadview Press

It explores the difficulties of balancing individual freedom and collective safety. Edgar kills the guard and rescues the girl. In the sense that, edgat the Civil War, “women wrote about courtship and the family and men wrote about adventures.

Its with books like Edgar Huntly or Brcokden which, I have to admit, I liked a lot better that you can actually trace the beginnings of American Literature, not British writers who came to America for some peace and quiet, but a writer whose sensibilities are formed by experiences, hopes and desires that are hunntly here. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But in the end, he brings his friends into jeopardy, and we come to question even his moral instincts. Paperbackpages.

Edgar Huntly

Not that he says anything worth saying anyway; this book is racist as hell. I found his passages of the cave and forests to be concise and dream-like at once, and when he describes Indian attacks, he is a masterful writer of action. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. As one of the earliest pieces of Gothic Literature, it definitely helps define the genre.


Shouldn’t he be in more of the book? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Brwn Huntly is a compelling tale of sleepwalking, murder, and frontier violence set in rural Pennsylvania in borwn s.

Through the use of odd diction like repeating the words “terminate” “abort” and other violent and sex related diction out of context, he subtly plants the idea that he wants Mary, whom he impregnated, to get an abortion. Brown uses passive sentence structure throughout the whole thing, making it feel like no actual action is takin place. While I don’t mind stories that engender analysis, what I look for in a novel above all is story, and the one in Edgar Huntly isn’t chales enough to entertain.

Yes, it’s supposedly one letter a very loooooooong letter, in the end ; yes, there are no quotation marks to break up different speakers; and yes, those Indians are savage beasts who scalp people, as they are known to do Oh, the s This aside, the text has much to offer, and we as readers have much to learn from it.

Aug 27, Heidi rated it liked it. I was so caught up in this novel that I wrote a screenplay of it, and believe Brown is a sadly neglected genius.

About a hundred pages into the book, when the characters are just starting to become complex and mysterious, the novel’s narrator and main character goes sleepwalking and wakes up in the bottom of a dark cave in the middle of Indian territory. BUt I suppose thats what makes him brlckden sleep walker as well, even though we dont find out about this later on.

Roberts also adds an elegant critical introduction, thus making her own important contribution to the critical scholarship. At times tedious and challenging It was natural to suggest to my friend, when expatiating on this theme, an inquiry as to how far subsequent events had obliterated the impressions that were then made, and as to the plausibility of reviving, at this more auspicious period, his claims on the heart of his friend.


Dec 17, Bill Kerwin rated it it was ok Shelves: Brown creates the Gothic feel of the novel in order to create suspense.

He goes off on long tangents in his narrative, forgetting his original purpose to investigate a friend’s murder. Lots cnarles stuff happens of course, I just got lost along the way unfortunately.

Be that as it may, anyone who knows me has heard me say that there are very few American writers who I care about at all, and its true, on a personal level, this is not where my literary heart lies. But, toward the end I started to get tired of it. Edgar Huntly, as a c If the Goodreads rating system were different, I might give this something higher, but as it is, I didn’t like this book anywhere near enough for the 2 star charlfs of “it was okay. I really prefer him to Poe, who enjoyed Brown and counted him as an influence on his writing.

Looking for his way out of the cave, he finds that some Lenni Lenapean Indian tribe, are holding a white girl prisoner at the mouth of the cave. When Edgar goes into the cave to find Clithero, it seems to take forever! I was hoping this work would shed more light on the period, chaeles a way that’s what I was reading for, but it does make a very important statement about man’s inclination to se I finally finished this book!!!

Frankly, I’m shocked Edgar Huntly hasn’t been totally abandoned to the past. This is seriously a creepy psychological book, with a severely unreliable narrator that will certain confuse the hell out of you if you are not careful.

May 30, Cheryl rated it liked it. Once, a log bridging a large chasm allows Huntly to escape a panther, and falls just as the panther is crossing over, saving Huntly’s life.