To meet this growing need for qualified professionals, LPI developed the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification which verifies the skills . CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI. CÓDIGO DE DISPOSITIVOS, SISTEMAS DE ARQUIVOS DO LINUX, HIERARQUIA PADRÃO DE SISTEMAS DE ARQUIVOS. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers professional certifications to help you validate your knowledge and skills in various aspects of Linux.

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The result is a certification that covers the intersection between development and operations, making it relevant for all IT professionals working in the field of DevOps. Automate communication with users through logon messages Inform active users of system maintenance Termos: Use command-line utilities to get information about the currently running kernel and kernel modules Manually load and unload kernel modules Determine when modules can be unloaded Determine what parameters a module accepts Configure the system to load modules by names other than their file name.

Unpack source code using common compression and archive utilities Understand basics of invoking make to compile programs Apply parameters lpj a configure script Know where sources are stored by default Termos: These are either taken using a computer based system, or using a paper based exam.

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LPIC-2 | LPI Brasil

The exams are available in almost every country in the world, and are translated into a number of different languages. To meet this growing need for qualified professionals, LPI developed the Certifciacao Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification which verifies the skills needed to use the tools that enhance collaboration in workflows throughout system administration and software development.

Thanks to our corporate sponsors for all their support. SpaceX as a company strongly believes in making humans into multi-planetary species.


Linux Professional Institute Certification Programs.

Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer

LPI has changed its recertification policy three times from its founding. Candidates should be able to properly manipulate a Linux system during both the boot process and during recovery mode. Join the LPI community. As a result, limux across industries are hiring IT professionals that can effectively apply DevOps to reduce delivery time and improve quality in the development of new software products.

Candidates should be able to configure a network device to be able to connect to a local, wired or wireless, and a wide-area network. Build a certiflcacao kernel and appropriate kernel modules. This objective includes configuring automount for network and device filesystems. Candidates should be able to identify and correct common network setup issues, to include knowledge of locations for basic configuration files and commands.

Install a new kernel and any modules. Candidates should be able to properly configure a kernel to include or disable specific features of the Linux kernel as necessary.

Candidates should be able to properly configure and navigate the standard Linux filesystem. Candidates should be able to identify and correct common boot and run time issues. Candidates should understand device detection and management using udev. The minute exam consists of 60 multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

The LPI program consists of an entry-level Linux certificate, three tiered professional Linux certifications, and an open technology Linnux tools certification. LPI has certified professionals in over countries, delivers exams in 9 languages, and has over training partners.

Software raid configuration files and utilities Termos: Utilities to gain information about the network configuration Methods of information about the recognized and used hardware devices System initialization files and their contents SysV init process Awareness of NetworkManager and its impact on network configuration Termos: The exams are not normally administered by Linux Professional Institute Inc.


A thorough understanding of the init structure and boot process is required. A number of exams are also offered at major Linux and IT trade shows loi conferences, where the exams are often available at a reduced price.

Linux Professional Institute |

LPI is committed to the development of a global standard in Linux certification. Candidates should be able to determine the cause of errors in loading and usage of bootloaders. This objective includes using and configuring RAID 0, 1 and 5. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Planejamento de Capacidade Join the community of Linux professionals who are making incredible things happen with Linux and open source around the world.

Also included is creating filesystems for devices such as CD-ROMs and a basic feature knowledge of encrypted filesystems. Candidates should be able to certificacaoo and install an executable program from source.

Candidates should be able to create and remove logical volumes, volume groups, and physical volumes. Our exam objectives show you what topics you can expect certificaca find on the exams as well as the relative importance of those topics. There are no prerequisites for this certification Requirements: The exams are primarily multiple choice questions, with some written answers.

Download Linux Career Guide. The objectives are tied to real-world job skills, which we determine through job task analysis surveying during exam development. The exams are distribution-neutral, requiring a broad knowledge of various platforms rather than specifics about a linjx distribution or vendor.

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