THE DEVIL IN LOVE / Followed by / HIS LIFE, TRIAL, PROPHECIES, / AND. REVELATIONS / by Gérard de Nerval delivers us Cazotte’s text, et al. The alia. This book is part of the collection held by the Bodleian Libraries and scanned by Google, Inc. for the Google Books Library Project. For more information see. The Devil in Love. Author: Jacques Cazotte. Engraver: Jean-Émile Laboureur ( French, Nantes – Penestin). Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Biondetta however is not inclined to give up. Don Alvaro is a young Spanish nobleman who dabbles in the occult.

Maybe if his mother had sent an email. Gothic novellas have always cazotge a weak spot for me. To ask other readers questions about The Devil In Loveplease sign up. Alvaro sfida il demonio, gli esiti saranno imprevedibili. Don Alvaro, a young, but wise man, invokes Satan.

The Devil In Love by Jacques Cazotte

What dazotte gets is Biondetta, a beautiful young woman who claims to be hopelessly in love with him. Not only boringbut also weird and not in the good way where we are surprised. Nov 15, Nihan E. Ok, thats a little strange given th That was somewhat disappointing. The book was originally intended to be in two parts but only the first part was ever completed.

The Devil in Love (novel) – Wikipedia

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Published February 25th by Dedalus first published The Devil in Love, by Jacques Cazotte”.

Biondetta however is not inclined to give up. I got whiplash thhe the annoying changes in his mood toward the Devil and the devil had the same changes!


I suspect I might enjoy it a bit more if I read it I actually don’t remember much about this book, so it’s probably not fair for me to give it a rating. Dedalus Foreign Rights Sales. Canadian critic Carlo Testa has described The Devil In Love, in review of Stephen Sartarelli’s translation as a ” terminus a quo” in the history of the demonic subgenre”.

His heavy gambling losses are soon made good and he amasses a tidy little sum besides. ISBN 1 05 5 Rights: Direi un sei politico. Anyway, this story just never did enough with the supernatural elements, it never created that air of wrongness that you usually have in these kinds of stories and frankly the ending was very anti-climactic.

The importance of this novel is of course that we are seeing many ideas that would become commonplace in the literature of the fantastique and of the gothic dealt with for the first time in a work of fiction. Castex has described The Devil In Love as “the very initiator of the modern fantasy story”. Cgothic fictionoccult thrillers.

The Devil In Love

A young captain, stationed in Naples, is tempted into summoning up Beelzebub, who appears first in the guise of a hideous camel, then as a cute spaniel, and lastly – and most dangerously – as a gorgeous, pouting nymphette who declares herself enamoured of the young man and follows him everywhere. This was so boring that I am left speechless.

Posted by dfordoom at 6: Biondetta was more like a damsel in distress from the start until the middle and the teenager until the end. Strano, piccolo romanzo di un autore che non conoscevo affatto. I suspect I might enjoy it a bit more if I read it now with fewer expectations. The Devil in Love French: In Biondetta there remains no trace of the monstrous apparition conjured up by Alvaro in the ruins of Portico. He follows Alvaro as his page.


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Le Diable amoureuxis an occult romance by Jacques Cazotte which tells of a demonor devilwho falls in love with a young Spanish nobleman [1] named Don Alvaro, an amateur human dabbler, and attempts, in the guise of a young woman, to win his affections.

This review has been hidden un it contains spoilers. Bored with being over-privileged and entitled, Cazotte sat down one warm-trousered afternoon and wrote this exciting story of a Sylph that was bored with being over-privileged and entitled, and sought out to make a mess of the life of an over-privileged and entitled Spaniard.

He became involved with Catholic mystical groups and his support for the Royalist cause led to his being guillotined in His heavy gambling losses ccazotte soon made good and he amasses a tidy little sum besides. I’m absolutely sure its losing something in the translation but it can’t be losing THAT much. This was short but very fun.

And even a Spanish nobleman cannot withstand such a determined siege forever.