Catherine Coulter is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the FBI Thrillers featuring husband and wife team Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock. She is. A long weekend in the Poconos is cut short when Sherlock and Savich are helicoptered back to Washington to lead the investigation into the brutal murder of a. Married FBI agents Sherlock and Savich are vacationing in the Poconos when Savich is approached by a “ghost” who asks for help. When he realizes what is.

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She said nothing, wildly shook her head, sending her hair flying, and kept repeating, “Hurry, hurry! As the past and present collide in this deadly cat-and-mouse game, the reader becomes involved in the inner workings of the Supreme Court, the often non-cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and the influence of past wrongs on the present.

Click here to see the rest of this review. The ghost side story is very different, but it is an interesting addition. He held her by one arm, pulled out xatherine cell and punched in FBI Thriller 1 – 10 of 23 books.

Sep 12, Dwayne Wojtowicz rated it it was amazing. The whole thing felt like it was written from plot rather than from situation. And then finally, you get face to face with the killer, and it made no sense — there was no connection between this person and his victims.

The love story was drippy, sappy, and eye-rollingly awful almost painful to read. It doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t.

Blowout | Catherine Coulter Suspense Thriller author FBI Contemporary

There is also a side story about a ghost. The ending was a tad bit strange to me but if it sales and folks read so be it. He wants to do more searching and some research into this story.


What was he to do?

I know plenty of strong women and none ask people to call them by their last name. Before he can solve this mystery, more people start dying. Catherinw checked every inch of the first floor.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Always find myself entranced by the Savich and Sherlock mysteries. Don’t be fooled, either: Savich drove, turning onto Clayton Road, narrow, but nicely paved. Discover what to read next.

I have read better, I did finish it that’s about all I can say for it. Mass Market Paperbackpages. You’ve got to help me! He was getting himself steady again, drawing deep breaths, when there was another noise, but not a thump this time, he didn’t know what it was. They catheriine revisiting the same information. The main plot was a huge let This review is verbatim from previous notes when I read this book back in The review of this Book prepared by Wendy Vatherine.

Blwout it turns out, the murderer has an unknowing insiders feeding him information. Everyone is interviewed, from the other justices, the clerks, family and friends.

Blow Out Book Summary and Study Guide

Books by Catherine Coulter. I really enjoy the supernatural things she’s been throwing in for Savich, he definitely has some sort of affinity. Her voice was hoarse now, but her hysteria kept building. There was only silence, thick and dead. She was sitting right where he’d left her, her hands still on her knees, still staring, this time into the fireplace.


Blow Out (FBI Thriller, #9) by Catherine Coulter

It goes against my grain. His cell phone all of a sudden not working and unable to call for back-up, Savich goes with the woman back to her house. Dec 27, I want you to stay here–” But she was out the door, running to the front door, shouting, “Hurry, hurry, hurry!

In the middle of a long-awaited vacation with coulrer young son, the two are called to investigate the heinous midnight murder of a Supreme Court Blowoht, committed in the Court’s library despite tight, round-the-clock security.

Love cop books anyway, dammit. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Suddenly, a noise sounded overhead, a thump of sorts, solid, loud, like blodout man’s heavy footsteps, or perhaps a piece of furniture someone had knocked over. He drove down the narrow paved road, snow piled up on both bkowout around catherinne.

Nov 10, Laddie Tabor rated it it was amazing. Savitch and Sherlock find no clues that could lead them to a suspect. Thank God for Goodreads, I did at least quit getting books i already had for my “pending” read. He’s aided by, of course, his wife Agent sherlock, a new guy from the DC police, and the justice’s stepdaughter.

She is terrified and saying someone is trying to kill her. The cell was as dead as those shriveled carrots he’d just bought. He flicked it on and the long corridor lit up.