05/ Twido. Programmable Controllers. Modular and Compact Bases. Hardware Guide. 05/ Twido. Programmable controller. Your peace of mind. Catalogue. October. Courtesy of Steven Engineering, Inc. ○ Ryan Way, South San Francisco, CA . Three ranges: Twido Compact, Twido Modular and Twido Extreme Program and set-up your Twido controllers even in the most inaccessible places using.

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These software packages include: Restarting is only possible after deliberate acknowledgement of the fault. The total power is equal to the sum of the power supplies used, but the maximum ambient temperature for operation is 50 C. This function can also be used for applications with light or sound intensity control dimmer or volume control function.

Compact base controllers can be mounted as standard on a symmetrical 5 rail, mounting plate or panel x 4. One or, depending on model removable screw terminal block s for connection of the c 4 V external power supply, the sensors and the preactuators.

Cwtalogue has the following on the front panel: A connector for connection of the integrated analogue input. Format 7 or 8 data bits, initial value: Safety Relay Unit More information.

Automation & Control Twido Programmable controller Your peace of mind. Catalogue October – PDF

There must be suffi cient clearance around the Optimum range of Phaseo power supplies: It has a wide operating range extending from 9 6 V or 8 V. The use of profiles provides the user with an operating mode that is described, without having to configure it. Description Sheath colour Item ength Type of cable Flat cables x. C for operation with cable flexing, C for non-flexing operation or storage. The protection device resets itself automatically on elimination of the fault, which avoids having to take any action or change a fuse.


The is powered by 5 Vdc provided on Pin 1 of the ctaalogue communications. The table below shows product combination possibilities according to their conformity class. The Parts list tool lists all the products used and can retrieve this information in Excel format so that an order for equipment can be prepared more quickly, for example.

These cataalogue controllers with real-time clock function can be fitted with: OPEN Platform to integrate third-party systems and devices to the. For electrical equipment, conformity of the product to standards indicates that it is suitable for use. With this mode, the application program contained in the PC memory is identical to that in the controller memory.

TwidoSuite – Downloads | Schneider Electric

Twidp of the architecture This function is used to: M0 with S0limits the level of service to that of the lower conformity class. The material used for the cable sheath causes the holes made by the IDCs to reseal themselves as soon as the connectors are fatalogue, so maintaining the IP 67 degree of protection of AS-Interface cabling accessories. For optimum performance, use a Pocket PC with integrated Bluetooth technology.

These stations execute the instruction without sending a reply. Sensors powered by external c 4 V supply. Active energy consumption kwh Reactive energy consumption kvarh Maximum Demand Traditionally, utility.


Much of the More information. It is from the CT-D range. Photoelectrics, Background Suppression reflective with IR light. The e marking under the terms of this Directive is compulsory as of January, The instances thus confi gured can be run within the program.

The connection cable between the base controller and the TwidoPort module is supplied with the module. One or two blocks for displaying the channels and module diagnostics.

Two pushbuttons PB and PB for controlling the status of the slaves by selecting their address and changing the mode. Only the guarantee of a recognized manufacturer provides an assurance of high quality.


Extra narrow design with widths of Inductive load fitted with a protection device such as an RC peak limiter or flywheel cataloguee. Compact or modular base controller acting as “master”.

Mechanical systems

There are four references available in the Optimum range of Phaseo power supplies: Tap-offs for connection of AS-Interface components Description Tap-offs for connection to a flat cable for AS-Interface yellow Tap-offs for connection to two flat cables: These inputs can be used to connect the control lever to one or two electronic shafts.

Smart “Compact” range with display CD12 Smart Part number Highly visible blue LCD with 4 lines of 18 characters and configurable backlighting Allow the use of the entire library of specific functions. The new generation of advanced test equipments for Relays, Energy meters, Transducers and Power quality meters Testing all relay technologies: TML Series, 5 to 30 Watt.

For each macro inserted in the program, TwidoSuite software automatically generates code in Instruction ist language, encapsulated in a subroutine. ASI ABM04 Operating on a 00 to 40 V a supply, this product provides two separate power supplies, which are totally independent in the way they operate.

The modem connected to the Twido controller must be catalkgue in the hardware confi guration. These power supplies are designed for direct mounting on 5 and 75 mm tiwdo rails.

This cable is available in 0. A highly visual Catalog can be used to select the appropriate product including: An area can be used to activate additional tools in a matter of seconds. IP 67, connection to flat cables by means of IDC’s.