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The core statement is clearly visible as a picture. For more information on lamp recycling go to www. This means that they cannot be tted in normal headlights or additional automotivad if the vehicle is to be used on public highways. The directive on product safety1which came into force on January 15,creates the same conditions in all EU member states and standardises the safety requirements relating to products.

The directive promises greater safety and transparency for the consumer. Post on Nov views. Our redesigned packaging for the self-service range provide even greater clarity for you and your customers. Restricted daylight running light in: Truck drivers therefore have to rely totally on the quality of the various components.

Suggested stock 12 VArticle reference Reference No. Extract from the chromaticity diagram showing the Xatalogo curve. Germany, France and Switzerland. Luminous efcacy indicates the efciency with which the electrical power consumed is converted into light.

The benets and function are automotivss in self-explanatory pictures. Our innovative technology goes hand in hand with quality without compromise, the highest standards of workmanship and long product life. Shipping unitSingle-coil headlight lamps for innovative dual headlight systems XS1 Phioips On request H1 H2 H3 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H8B H9B H11B HB3 HB3A HB4 HB4A 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 55 55 55 55 35 65 42 55 53 35 65 55 60 60 51 51 P Think of the environment, act responsibly.


When it comes to light, we are the experts. Our ordering system also supports the CAP message standard. The luminance L of a light source or an illuminated area is a measure of the impression of brightness. Lasts up to three times longer than standard lamps despite day and night use, no need for more frequent replacements than usual.

The amount of light produced does not decrease over time but remains well within the prescribed safety margins from day one till the very end.

HPMC 2013 – Philips

Lamps and lighting systems from OSRAM provide comfort and safety and promote progress in science and technology. Philips lecture 11 Education.

OSRAM has a global innovation management philipz that systematically evaluates ideas for new products and assesses them for their potential customer benets. The motifs can be replaced and can be adapted to suit the assortment in the cabinet.

As far as you are concerned, this means that you should now quote the EAN code instead of the old order number in all orders, enquiries and so on. It takes up very little space so it can be placed directly on the counter or next to the cash register. New development for simple lamp replacement and highly automoitvas headlights; supplied on request.

Our counter displays are real eye-catchers and great at selling. It is our aim not only to provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality but also to make their day-to-day working lives as easy as possible. Luminous intensity is a measure of the luminous ux emitted in solid angle.

Reliable service life and convincing brightness. As automotibas any technical or scientic discipline, lighting technology has its own special terms and concepts for dening the characteristics of lamps and luminaires and for standardising the units of measurement.

Very bright arc produced by an electronically controlled gas discharge. Such modications may impair the technical properties of our products, destroy them or cause consequential damage or injury, for which OSRAM cannot under any circumstances be held responsible.


Bravoluz – Lâmpadas Especiais

With its modern design and decorative motifs on the front, the cabinet is a real eye-catcher. Clear use of symbols. It contains the same assortment of lamps but is compact enough to automohivas transported on a motorbike for example. Nowadays, being innovative primarily means raising quality standards and offering intelligent solutions to ensure market success over lamps of inferior quality.

Philips Outdoor UK Documents. OEM quality at a good price.

Philips – Industry Documents. Meets the strict quality requirements of German car manufacturers. Environmentally friendly lighting systems and systematic innovation management.

With their attractive design, ease of handling and helpful pictograms that show the specic benets of the product, these boxes really sell themselves. Whats more, because of their silver cap they look really good in clear-glass headlights.

For starters the stylish lamp embodies pretty much every element that you are looking for in a sleek contemporary table lamp that blends in with the current urban landscape.

Optimasi Carbomer Dan Hpmc Documents. Subject to change without notice. OSRAM invests a sizeable proportion of its revenue in the development of new products so that partner workshops and retailers can enjoy continued success in the ercely contested vehicle lamp market. Features at a glance. In addition to innovative products, OSRAM places great value on attractive and intelligent packaging solutions that are perfectly tailored to the day-to-day demands of the target cataloto.

In some countries it is therefore a legal requirement to carry spare lamps in the car. Drivers who always have the right spare lamps with them will save themselves the trouble of taking their vehiclesinto a garage for replacements or searching for the nearest retailer. Lower costs thanks to reduced failure rates as a result of improved vibration resistance.