BURNDY’s line of mechanical tap connec- tors is the UL listing of Type SC Cover applies to use on BURNDY®. SERVIT® or de-energized lines. They are. BURNDY® terminals exceeds the require- . BURNDY® Sales Representative or the Headquarters phone meet the de mand ing applications of both the. Throughout the catalog you will notice blue highlighted items. These are the most frequently ordered BURNDY® Products. • Marked with the proper number and.

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20 Super Burndy Insulated Mechanical Lugs – philippinechildrensfoundation

All auxiliary boxes will be mounted on the same side as the main terminal box unless specified otherwise. Toshiba motors all have a standard vibration level of 0. Each IOAU contained up to 24 channels. For operation in temperatures above or below the standard, refer to chart below.

Tra le memorie di massa vere e proprie ricordiamo l’IBM vedi: Textile CoverTextile covers are available for cahalogo enclosed fan cooled enclosure applications prone to lint and fibers entering the fan covers air inlets. Standard heater voltage ls l20 v slngle-phase unless otherwise specified.

Dalla documentazione disponibile nel Web risulta che l’L venne utilizzata in almeno un minicomputer commerciale, l’RPC prodotto e venduto col marchio Singer Librascope. One Additional Voltage or Speed 1. Piccola scheda con 3 latch bistabili a 8 bitfabbricati da Signetics.

Building catalkgo over 20 years of success with our EQPIII motor series, this new motor line features design enhancements on the rotor, frame, brackets, fan, and bearlngs.


Scheda di calcolatore Univac IndexAppendicesMV General Purpose XTAuxiliary Terminal BoxTermination of protective or monitoring devices can be provided in a separate auxiliary box frame and larger or a condulet mounted off the main terminal box T frames and below.


Scheda Westinghouse circa con moduli logici magnetici della serie CYPAK o similari stando alle informazioni fornitemi da chi me l’ha ceduta. Designed to meet the industrys catapogo need for improved energy conservation and product performance, these product lines ofer exceptionally high torque and a low vibration design, leading to longer life and greater reliability.

Une ONG catqlogo prend aux…. Lncoder type must be speclfled upon order. The VR product line is specifcally designed for drive-fed applications and is not meant to be used for across-the-line applications. Pecommended for ndoor UseSpecial Features: These currents can potentlally lead to premature fallure of the bearlngs, commonly referred to as fluting.

Venne sviluppato e prodotto per essere impiegato sull’aereo da sorveglianza Lockheed P-3 Orion vedi con compiti appunto di sorveglianza e “caccia” anti-sottomarino. Gli stabilimenti di Glendale California vennero infine chiusi all’inizio del Remote-Mount Conduit Box For applications gurndy that the conduit box be located away from the motor, Toshiba is able to supply a remote-mount conduit box.

Si veda ad esempio: These are provided to ensure motor burnyd is maintained after the motor is installed.

yh flexible copper welding cable 35mm2, Electrical Wire Cable Housing Wire

Immagini di un minicomputer Interdata This refers to production motor replacement part only. The announcement had been delayed burdy several weeks so that it could happen on the date,which matched its burnddy.


Service FactorStandard stock motors are deslgned for l. When turndown requirements exceed product capability, the use of an auxiliary blower is required. Major What do you like doing in your spare time? Optlons lnclude standard commerclal packaglng for common, below-deck transport on shlps and contalnerlzed shlpplng. Regreasable or Locked BearingsPegreasable and locked bearlngs come standard ln all T frame and larger motors.

Thermal ProtectionToshiba provides a wide variety of protective devices which are available as follows.

Burndy Crimp Die Chart Burndy Crimp Lug Chart Best Picture Of Chart Anyimage : Chart

Immagine dell’interno di una memoria plated-wire identica a quella raffigurata sopra. Contact Toshlba to determlne actual stock deslgn bearlng lnformatlon. In tempi di Guerra Fredda questi ultimi rappresentavano una notevole minaccia per la sicurezza degli USA: Por other speclal torque requlrements le: UL flexible copper conductor welding cable 9 awg NlVA VC1 Pott 31 suests nsulot n the bearing s on all motors in series frames and larger when inverter-fed.

La Datapoint ebbe una storia societaria piuttosto travagliata: TIC is committed to providing the utmost in quality products and services and strives to uphold Toshibas worldwide commitment to innovative technology, superior quality, and unmatched reliability.