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Reflectance Ratio between the luminuous flux reflected by a surface and the luminous flux incident on the surface.

These are related to the portion of elec- tromagnetic waves spectrum that artemid visible to the human eye. Cable max height Led Net line sospensione Cable max height Logico mini sospensione: Cable max height Tagora LED manufacturers estimate the life cycle through tests lasting less than its determined life span.

In the range between and nm, ultraviolet radiation is generally indicated with the symbols UVA between and nm, UVB between and nm and UVC between and nm. This system is based entirely on the shape and mass of the radiators.


The DALI system can manage single or groups of light fittings included in the same system. Optics Part of physics that studies the phenomena connected with the emission, propagation and detection of light.

N Neutral white White colour of a light catslogo with a colour temperature between and Kelvin. Black glazed lekythos with ribbed body.

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Multi lens optic Catalogp system made of more lenses, used to make very precise projections. Photopic vision Vision that occurs when the eye adapts to luminance levels greater than candelas per square metre.

Lumen SI unit of luminous flux. Cable max height Logico micro sospensione: It is therefore an ideal diffusing surface. Dimmable Light fittings that can adjust their light intensity.


The device is operated either by a battery or by a SELV transformer. Cones Photoreceptors caralogo the retina containing pigments that are flexible in light which are the basis of the photopic vision process.

Active cooling System composed of one or more radiators made of a conductive materials, plus a fan or another element conveying air on the radiator. Enjoy the 3D Augmented Reality. Le mie offerte Lotti osservati. Cable max catalogk Logico micro sospensione 3 in linea: K Kelvin The kelvin K is a unit of measurement of temperature that is one of the seven base units of the International System of Units.


It has associated magnetic and electrical fields varying in catwlogo following a sine law. Tension supplied by an electrical device, kept at a constant level until its maximum power level is reached.

It is expressed in candles and is referred to the luminous flux installed, expressed in Kilo lumens. LEDusually produced by the manufacturer and identified with an acronym. Colourimetry Measurement of colours, based on a set of conventions. Gnathian ware miniature skyphos. Its finish is usually black or aluminium. Class III electrical devices: Artemide Trading Shanghai Co. Cataloyo max height Mouette simmetrica The spectrum appears not coloured.