Carlo Domeniconi 24 Präludien Vol. 1 & 2 Scanned by Guitarcosmonaut. Download Carlo Domeniconi 24 Preludes () Sheet Music Classical Guitar By Carlo Domeniconi (born 20 February ) is an Italian guitarist and composer. Although his as numerous works he composed for young players attest, such as Klangbilder (Sound Pictures), 24 Preludes, and Eine kleine Storchsuite.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Expressionistic style combined with Brazilian rhythms. Written for Peter Ernst. Spanish Guitar Your Account. Guitar quartet and a bottle of retsina. In addition there is something akin to a leitmotiv which does not depict the little prince, but rather his relationship to the world. Quasi A La Turca domeiconi Dark, mysterious, esoteric style.

Premiered in March in Gevelsberg. Gita began as an improvisation and was later transcribed in an older and a newer arrangement. Short piece, originally written for Lyona Boyd. David John Updated and corrected January Edition Ex Tempore, Berlin. Easy to intermediate level didactic cadlo. This piece is based on an eight-tone scale.

The Guitarist’s Way, Book Taking cues from video game music and IDM, the Polish beatmaker molds brittle loops and rusted samples into a harsh, abstract otherworld.


Pork pie variations sheet music cover.

Atesta in Giu Acoustic pictures of a circus. Predominantly elements from impressionistic and expressionistic music, as well as light jazz elements. Same timing, same rhythm.

Other guitarists have also played this piece, including Carlo Marchione, who has performed it at several concerts since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Written for Dale Kavanagh and recorded by her on CD. A kind of homage to Carol Gershwin.

Can be played separately or as a suite. Guitar and string quartet.

Carlo Domeniconi 24 Preludes for Guitar vol​.​2 | Ted Mann

Written for Matias Oliveira Pinto. Solo violin, soprano, speakers, 2 guitars, violin, viola, cello, double bass, viola da gamba, accordion, piano, 3 percussionists. One of the works inspired by Turkish music, the Koyunbaba suite of —86, eventually became Domeniconi’s most well-known work. Written for Laurie Randolph. In the programme of the composer. Performed by Yaz Baltacigil and the composer in Istanbul with the Istanbul Symphony Orchestra and broadcast on the radio.

Waking of the birds, matrimonial eomeniconi with radio, the church service, Sunday lunch, boring visit, Doneniconi, secret meeting at the well, television evening with remote control, the falling asleep of the birds.

Bass baritone and guitar. As the title suggests, this is a homage to J. One reaches a condition where almost any sound could fit, or even silence becomes sound.


As the title says: A later recording, also by the composer, was made in in Ankara, Turkey, together with the concerto for saz, guitar and orchestra Berlinbul. The piece contains very refined preludii, some of which are impossible to score. Fantasy variations on a Russian folk theme. And so it is with this concerto: Modern guitar music in 7 movements with Chinese influence.

Carlo Domeniconi 24 Preludes (1985) Sheet Music Classical Guitar by Guitar Cosmonaut

A pentatonic fantasy on a well-known Japanese folk song. Commissioned by the Leipzig Aquarium. Originally a czrlo piece.

Very rhythmic, virtuoso piece. Treatment and expansion of the quartet Opus 93a. Commissioned by the Paderborn Guitar Festival Oh her first full-length for One Little Indian, the classically trained pianist has her unique virtuosity on full display.

Composed for Kathy McDonald, as a small spiritual support during her temporary invalidity. Guitar and large orchestra. Often performed by the Berliner Gitarrenquartett. Partly very high musical and technical level. The fandango is an old Spanish dance in lively three-four time originating in central and southern Spain, regions greatly influenced by Arab culture.