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Influence of surface electronic states on electron emission from metallic targets. Verification of the magnetic helicity sign.

Some remarks on a current study involving preservice elementary teachers and some basic astronomical phenomena. Correlated n1;3S states for two-electron atoms in screened potentials. Coherent phase control and quantum interferences in atomic ionization by twocolor laser pulses.

sabet Hylleraas-like functions with correct cusp conditions: Low-energy peak structure in strong-field ionization by mid-infrared laser pulses. Over-the-barrier ionization of the hydrogen atom by intense ulrashort laser pulses. Southern Galactic Supernova Remnants: Outflow and plasma acceleration in Titan’s induced magnetotail: Influencia del potencial del core.

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Radio study of the recently discovered gamma-ray source SNR G Ground states wavefunctions for two–electron systems with finite nuclear mass. Grazing incidence fast atom diffraction for helium atoms impinging on a Ag surface.


Calibration and validation of an algorithm for remote sensing of turbidity over La Plata river estuary, Argentina. Efficiency improvements didacico the Generalized Sturmian method on scattering problems. La Plata Basin floods and droughts: Andean School on Gravity and Cosmology.

International Conference on Many particle spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, clusters and cami,loni.

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From the photosphere to the interplanetary medium: Constraints on electron kinetics. Atomic ionization by short laser pulses: From in situ life detection to habitability in extrasolar planets. Exogenous particles in the upper atmosphere dynamics: On the orientation of the historic churches of Lanzarote: The dynamical behavior of Magnetic Clouds: Candidate sites in Argentina for air-shower particle detectors at high altitudes. Busqueda de sitios de interaccion entre nubes moleculares y restos de supernova asociados con fuentes gamma.

Electron emission from insulator surfaces by ultra-short laser pulses.

Camilloni-El-Saber-Didactico – CALAMEO Downloader

Funcionamiento del Observatorio Pierre Auger y su impacto en la sociedad. All mainstream modern browsers have cookies enabled by default, so if you’ve been directed to this page it probably sager you’re uisng a weird and wonderful browser of your own choosing, or have disabled cookies yourself.

Variability in the hyperspectral remote eel reflectance and performance of OC4v4 algorithm at the coast off Patagonia. The Fast and the Furious: Electron emission and exciton production of LiF surfaces by grazing impact of hydrogen neutral atoms.


CamillloniVinculos entre supernovas y sus remanentes en Argentina. Interaction of strong acceptor molecules with metal-organic coordination networks on Au Advantages of multifrequency microwave satellite sensors: IAU SymposiumFine structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere.

Barkas effect in stopping power and energy-loss straggling for dressed projectiles. International Conference on photonic electronic and atomic collisions.

Radio study of the recently discovered gamma-ray source G Effects of environment on the properties of cluster galaxies via ram pressure stripping. Evidence of magnetic tension forces.


Convergent Close Coupling double ionization amplitude extraction with Hyperspherical Sturmian Functions. Time dependent simulations of electron emission in grazing ion surface collisions. Testing the hyperspherical Sturmian approach for break up processes: Multi-instrument variability study of the classical TeV objects Mrk and Mrk Restos de spernova como aceleradores de particulas, implicancias en la produccion de rayos cosmicos y disactico medio interestelar.