Read “Caffeine Blues Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America’s #1 Drug” by Stephen Cherniske with Rakuten Kobo. One of the most accomplished. The Paperback of the Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America’s #1 Drug by Stephen Cherniske at Barnes & Noble. Pulls together all the latest research & details the full scope of caffeine’s detrimental effect on our physical, mental & emotional well being.

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Coffee made me nervous and after that little kick very tired. Art from SA said July 19, I stopped drinking coffee for a while after reading this one. He’s full of it. There are books out there that demonize wheat, sugar et al – basically our staple foods – perhaps with some justification because of our overconsumption of such cheap and readily available foods and a lack of balance of eating other foods such as good quality protein and vegetables.

I do not recommend his “off the bean” program as I have tried herbal coffee and it tastes NASTY so do not be fooled by this substitute. Discover a cherniskke, clinically-proven program that reduces your caffeine intake, and effective ways to boost your energy with nutrients, healthy beverages, better sleep and high-energy habits.

Caffeine is Not Your Friend –

Aug 27, Art Fuego rated it liked it. But that is only my personal experience! The bigger concern is the amount of carbohydrates corn syrup, sugar, wheat, chernsike other grainsartificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives that’s being consumed. Here is a short introduction: Unfortunately, most people today have no concept of the meaning of that word. In college I was experiencing crushing afternoon energy crashes.

Coffee and Reasons why you should give up coffee –

I’m not a coffee addict, and in fact I had at one time back in the 80’s quit it entirely for several years, and I typically have 1 cup a day. Preview — Caffeine Blues by Stephen Cherniske. I have, at different times in my life, drank no coffee or drank coffee all night in some truck stop pay for one cup – the waitress brings fresh pitchers as long as you are theregetting “wired” in the process.


I agree with his point about caffeine increasing overall fatigue. Not an easy decision, but this is one of those where she had little choice but to put her health first:. I kept looking up online. They admitted me, did an ultrasound and then ran me through an mri the next day. Dr Oz promoted it on his show.

Reasons why you should give up coffee

Using this product enables me to avoid all the pesticides that are sprayed on coffee plants. The Easy Way to Quit Caffeine: Not even worth reading. MetaboliseMiscarriage Leave a Comment. Quitting coffee saves big on your wallet, anxiety and energy!

Got me off coffee for six whole months! The 10 Secrets Of Healthy Ageing. I stopped taking coffee bluds long time ago but replaced it with green tea. I’ve been picking through it for months and finally drove through the whole thing to get the full sense of this work.

Caffeine Blues

Nov 29, Jamal rated it really liked it. I hadn’t been sleeping well and I never realized until I was completely free of caffeine about 1 month after the last Coke. Based primarily on recent Medscape Medical News coverage, the slideshow [can only be viewed by signing in] reviews the potential medical and psychiatric benefits of coffee consumption.

This coffee, however, comes from the SEED, not the bean. I am not ready to quit caffeine nor will I be doing caffeinee author’s “off the bean program” since I do not want to pay for all of the recommended supplements.

May 07, Marisa rated it it was amazing. The body caffiene data suggesting that the world’s most widely used stimulant is beneficial in a variety of mental and medical conditions is growing at a staggering rate.


This dehydration is useful however, with certain medical conditions. But for people with a normal insulin response to sugar, there is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon. This book is a must read for everyone who drinks coffee, soda, tea, takes medication East Dane Stephfn Men’s Fashion. This book was zealous in its promotion of a caffeine free lifestyle, but I found it informative and motivational.

Then eventually after three days I started to feel better.

I went off coffee for 2 months again and did exactly the same thing, 5 cups in one day, one time. Trivia About Caffeine Blues: I am not losing water like before and I know I am having a healthy pre menopause. A natural component of coffee, tea cherniskee chocolate, and added chdrniske drugs, soft drinks, candy and many other products, the truth about caffeine is that it can affect brain function, hormone balance, and sleep patterns, while increasing your risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, ulcers, PMS, stroke, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

I don’t blus cold turkey. As for the coffee itself, I always use decaf because regular gives me a headache and diarrhea. If you already decided you want to quit go to Chapter 10 with a detailed and painless plan of how to gradually cut down. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I highly recommend this book. Rather, people simply become accustomed to the feelings of stress, irritability and aggressiveness produced by the bluws.

The Menopause Answer Book. Yes, he uses it exclusively for colon cleansing enemas!