There are freely available drafts of both versions of the Standard, although an accessible C89/C90 draft with ISO section numbering is not. C18; C11; C99; C89 / C90 / C95 The latest freely available working paper (draft) by WG14 is N The latest defect report. For those who are interested, here is the latest freely available draft of the You may be able to find a copy of the C89/C90 draft standard here.

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Conversions that involve pointers other than as permitted by the constraints of 3. The latest freely available working paper draft by WG14 is N When an unsigned integer is converted to another integral type, if the d89 can be represented by the new type, its value is unchanged.

A conforming hosted implementation shall accept any strictly conforming program.

The C Standard – clc-wiki

A floating constant has a value part that may be followed by an exponent part and a suffix that specifies its type. All declarations that refer to the same object or function shall have compatible type; otherwise the behavior is undefined.

A concerted effort was made to codify existing practice wherever unambiguous and consistent practice could be c899. An omitted expression-2 is replaced by a nonzero constant. The implementation shall be fraft to translate and execute at least one program that contains at least one instance of every one of the following limits: If an exception occurs during the evaluation of an expression that is, if ddraft result is not mathematically defined or not representablethe behavior is undefined.


Array, function, and pointer types are collectively called derived declarator types. I like the fact that they are linked html files: Cast operators in an arithmetic constant expression shall only convert arithmetic types to arithmetic types, except as part of an operand to the sizeof operator.

The C89 Draft

The same initialization result could have been achieved by: A punctuator is a symbol that has independent syntactic and semantic significance but does not specify an operation to be performed that yields a value. An actual implementation need not evaluate part of an expression if it can deduce that its value is not used and that no needed side effects are produced including any caused by calling a function or accessing a volatile object.

It also specifies restrictions and limits imposed upon conforming implementations of C language translators.

If both the second and third operands are pointers or one is a null pointer constant and the other is a pointer, the result type is a pointer to a type qualified with all the type qualifiers of the types pointed-to by both operands.

A C program need not all be translated at the same time. If the main function executes a return that specifies no value, the termination status returned to the host environment is undefined. The categories of tokens are: Such a constant expression shall evaluate to one of the following: The library section 4.

All the C documents there are drafts, not actual standards. A preprocessing directive consists of a sequence of preprocessing tokens that begins with a preprocessing token that is either the first character in the source file optionally after white space containing no new-line characters or that follows white space containing at least one new-line character, and is ended by the next new-line character.


There are several commercial validation suites; the owner of one of them, Perennialmaintains a page where it lists compilers and libraries that it has certified to C If an expression of any other type occurs in a context where a void expression is required, its value or designator is discarded.

ANSI C – Wikipedia

All the expressions in an initializer for an object that has static storage duration or in an initializer list for an object that has aggregate or union type shall be constant expressions.

The size of integer required and the result are implementation-defined. A wide string literal is the same, except prefixed by the letter L. A pointer to any incomplete or object type may be converted to a pointer to void and back again; the result shall compare equal to the original pointer.

If the declarator or type specifier that declares the identifier appears outside of any block or list c98 parameters, the identifier has file scope, which terminates at the end of the translation unit.

If the initializer of a subaggregate or contained union begins with a left brace, the initializers enclosed by that brace and its matching right brace initialize the members of the subaggregate or the first member of the dravt union.

If an attempt is made to refer to an object defined with a volatile-qualified type through use of an lvalue with non-volatile-qualified type, the behavior is undefined.

As discussed previously 2. Retrieved from ” https: