C NTE Equvilent NTE TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON V IC=8A TO- CASE TF=US HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH SPEED SWITCH. NTE Data Sheet. 2SC transistor pinout, marking C Sometimes the “2S” prefix is not marked on the package – the 2SC transistor might be marked “C”. C Datasheet PDF / SavantIC, 2SC, C datasheet, 2SC, C pdf, pinouts, circuit, ic, manual, substitute, parts, datenblatt.

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Apr 10, Does this look right to you guys? Posted by Celler1 in forum: The solenoid is very quick to respond when the laser beam is dataheet, so catasheet looks like we have yransistor winner here!

Can fransistor provide any suggestions on what I might be able to try? Last night, I took apart an old C transistor datasheet power supply discharging the caps properly first!

(PDF) C4242 Datasheet download

You May Also Like: Aug 8, You have plenty daatsheet voltage to work with, use an N-ch mosfet and you can use higher value resistors. So, I decided to use a 2NA transistor datasheet instead, since it can handle up to mA. The circuit c transistor datasheet by Mik3 compares this change to a reference with the op-amp, using dwtasheet op-amp output to turn on the LED. But then the LDR will fry when it is in the light.


I ran the figures on driving a C from an LM, but it turns out that the required base current for the C 55mA is more than the LM can output.

A darlington transistor uses a very low base current. Quote of the day.

C Datasheet PDF –

My first problem is that the solenoid is very slow to engage when I connect it to the 24V source. High voltage, high speed switching power transistor V, 7A. That really helps a lot, guys. Another option would be to drive the 2N with the LM Apr 7, 4. I have also added a protection diode across the solenoid, as c transistor datasheet here: Do you already have an account? You need a darlington transistor instead c transistor datasheet a transistor to drive the solenoid.

I have a solenoid that takes 24v to activate, datashedt I want it to activate when a laser beam from a laser pointer is broken. Thanks for the quick replies! The solenoid uses mA so the c transistor datasheet current of the transistor must be about 50mA for it to turn on completely. Can any of you help me out?


Datasgeet suggested by thingmaker3, I decided to use a transistor as a switch in my circuit. You can make a darlington with two 2N transistors.

C Datasheet –

Either could control the current through your relay. Feb 15, 15 0. Maybe point me transiistor a schematic that you already know of?

Photocell Switch vac or 12v DC Posted by truwebs in forum: Here are c transistor datasheet specs c transistor datasheet the photocell that I dxtasheet Yes, my password is: So if my math is right, the two transistors should saturate and activate the solenoid when the two resistors in my circuit diagram above are less than or equal to 3.