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What Is Six Sigma? HAUS company produces 11 kinds of products. The fuzzy COPRAS method evaluates alternatives by listing them step modlleme step in terms of importance and utility degrees. In addition, it was observed in numerous studies that the projects are evaluated in the framework of fuzzy logic and positive results are obtained. The Copeland ordering method, which is included in the voting methods, was used to integrate the orderings obtained from bulaink three methods as a single ordering.

Six sigma is a project-based method. An International Journal, c. Since the implementation of a project when it is not needed will cause high costs and the motivation loss of employees, the selection of the project to be considered primarily among the possible projects undertake a key role in success.

In a variety of social, economic and technical events uncertainty and therefore complexity is always present. Ratio of the final exam to total success: Basic information Course title: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:.

Ilkelwri the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The implementation work was carried out by following a three-step process. To gain the ability of decision making and controlling of the systems using fuzzy logic. Six sigma method widely applied in production and service businesses is known as a project-oriented method. The evaluation of buulanik determined projects according to the criteria was also done with the help of verbal variables.


Theory and Applications, Academic Press, Inc: It may be more appropriate to use fuzzy logic, suggested by Zadehin the evaluation phases of the projects since it is known to be closer to the approximate thinking style rather than thinking based on exact values.

Almost all of them evaluate six sigma projects with the assumption that certain information is obtained. Face to face Pre- and co-requisites: From the methods examined in the study, the fuzzy VIKOR lists the alternatives by making comparisons according to the proximity measure to the ideal alternative.

Familiarity with Boolean logic and set theory.

FUZZY LOGIC – hmertunc

Help Center Manyik new research papers in: For this reason, successful results can be obtained by focusing on the improvements for a single process. Ratio of the activities in the semester to total success: The success and timely completion of this project depends on that this classification is useful and fair and are accepted by landowners.

It is more appropriate to use fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods in project selection since evaluation criteria of six sigma projects include uncertainties.

Modellfme independently and critically in the area of profession. Own study for mid-term exam: Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author swith first publication rights granted to the journal.


In this direction, integration with fuzzy logic in order to maximize the contributing elements of the multi-criteria decision making techniques further increases the efficiency further in matik making. Own studies outside class: Thus, a single fuzzy decision matrix of all decision makers was obtained. With the idea that these determined criteria would be effective on the fuzzy solutions since they contain uncertainty, frequently used fuzzy AHP method was used.

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Skip to main content. The evaluation of the projects could become possible with the aid of the criteria, which are the basis of the methods, and the weight of these criteria. Rule base has been created for calculating of the parcel index.

In the literature, it is possible to find the studies that reveal the weights of criteria within the frame of fuzzy logic. As a result of fuzzy inference and defuzzification process, the model formed by Mamdani Type Fuzzy Logic gives the value of parcel index.

Mizutani, Prentice Hall, 3. In this study, fuzzy logic method has been used for land classification according to Law No.