This book presents the art of advanced MOSFET modeling for integrated circuit simulation and design. It provides the essential mathematical. BSIM and IC simulation. Circuit simulation and compact models. BSIM – the beginning. BSIM3 – a compact model based on new MOSFET physics. : BSIM4 and MOSFET Modeling for IC Simulation (International Series on Advanced in Solid State Electronics and Technology).

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Imprint Singapore ; Hackensack, N. BSIM4 junction leakage due to trap-assisted tunneling [4].

BSIM4 – aimed for nm down to 20nm nodes. World Scientific Full view. Channel current in subthreshold and linear operations.

Saturation junction leakage current and zero-bias capacitance models. Responsibility Weidong Liu, Chenming Hu. Gate direct-tunneling and body currents. Source and drain of a transistor with multiple gate fingers. Available to subscribing institutions. Skip to search Skip to main content. Charge and capacitance models.

Circuit simulation and compact models. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Nielsen Book Data Special attention is paid to MOSFET characterization and model parameter extraction methodologies, making the book particularly useful for those interested or already engaged in work in the areas of semiconductor devices, compact modeling for SPICE simulation, and integrated circuit design.


Fringing and overlap capacitances. BSIM4 channel thermal noise models. Source and drain area and perimeter calculation. BSIM4 diode charge and bsiim4 [4]. Channel DC current and output resistance. Output resistance in saturation region. Velocity saturation and velocity overshoot.

SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Physical description xix, p. It provides the essential mathematical and physical analyses of simulatioon the electrical, mechanical and thermal effects in MOS transistors relevant to the operation of integrated circuits. World Scientific Publishing Co. The discussion covers the theory and methodology bzim4 how a MOSFET model, or semiconductor device models in general, can be implemented to be robust and efficient, turning device physics theory into a production-worthy SPICE simulation model.

Review of the charge-deficit transient NQS model. Noise representations and parameters.

Connections of a multi-transistor stack. ISBN electronic bk. Intrinsic charge and capacitance models. BSIM4 flicker noise models. Source and drain contact scenarios and diffusion resistances. BSIM – the beginning.

BSIM4 and MOSFET Modeling For IC Simulation

Junction diode IV and CV models. Composite stamps for transient NQS model. Time discretization, equation linearization and matrix stamping. The intent of this book ch. Source and drain parasitics: Gate and channel geometries and materials.


Diode temperature-dependence model [4]. Gate direct-tunneling current theory and model. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Introduction and chapter objectives. Physical mechanisms of diode DC currents. Describe the connection issue.

BSIM4 and MOSFET Modeling for IC Simulation – Weidong Liu, Chenming Hu – Google Books

Gate intrinsic-input resistance for non-quasi-static modeling. Non-quasi-static and parasitic gate and body resistances. Single continuous channel charge model.

Series International series on advances in solid state electronics and technology. Simulattion date Series International series on advances in solid state electronics and technology Reproduction Electronic reproduction.