August 1, Shortly after 6 pm, the IW Bridge collapses with motor that resulted in undersized gusset plates on some of Bridge ‘s main trusses. tural members could result in the collapse of the whole bridge. In the Bridge , IW Over Mississippi River, Fatigue Evaluation and. After the bridge’s collapse, the subsequent investigation that was conducted by the National . (IW over the Mississippi River).

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Archived from the original on August 17, Retrieved August 25, And the bridge was also rated as fracture critical, meaning the failure of just one vital component could cause the whole bridge to collapse.

Archived from the original on September 28, The bodies that are in the areas where they can sweep shore to shore, the vehicles that they can get into and search that weren’t crushed. Seventy percent of the traffic served by the bridge was downtown-bound. In fact, some repair work was going on when it fell. If an error goes unnoticed for 40 years, it would seem there are some basic checks that could be put in place to resolve the issue.

MnDOT releases the request for proposal for the new bridge over the Mississippi. Schedules, Calendars, and Legislative Business. Pool 1created by Ford Dam, was closed to river navigation between mile markers and The necessary calculations were not performed because the design was meant to be beidge.

IW St. Anthony Falls Bridge – MnDOT

Among the presenters were representatives of the Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Native American and Hispanic communities, police, fire and emergency responders, the governor, the mayor, a choir and several musicians. Writing down goals is a key starting point for any Root Cause Analysis. But we didn’t have one problem with any of these collzpse, because we knew who was in charge of the assets,” said Rocco Forte, city Emergency Preparedness Director. Ininstallation artist Todd Boss prepared a memorial to the bridge collapse in collaboration with Swedish artist Maja Spasova.


Archived from the original on June 23, Archived from the original on October 16, bridgd This review discovered that the original design process of the IW bridge led to a serious error in sizing some of the gusset plates in the main truss. The FHWA advised states to inspect bridges of similar structure after its investigation.

Archived from the original on November 13, One way to remember why we may have done this in the first place is to add the evidence we used to rule out the cause below the box.

Retrieved August 8, Minneapolis Star TribuneAugust 3, A school bus carrying 63 children ended up resting precariously against the guardrail of the collapsed structure, near the burning semi-trailer truck. We can add more detail in between the causes. Init was determined that there was an impact to the material and labor cost goal due to decreased life of the bridge.

Why was there concentrated weight over the gusset plate? Ten years ago, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis collapsed, sending cars, trucks and even a school bus that were crawling over it in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic plummeting into the river below and onto the rocky shore.

The south abutment was in an area polluted by a coal gas processing plant [14] [15] [16] [17] and a facility for storing and processing petroleum products. Retrieved September 29, Because there were construction equipment and materials on the bridge, concentrated over the gusset plate.


MnDOT receives technical proposals from four companies: The Safety Goal is where we will start. The End of the Road: Design Errors Factor in Bridge Collapse”. Retrieved August 31, Views Read Bridgw View history.

I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

Archived from the original PDF on August 9, The new Interstate 35W bridge, which replaced the old bridge, seen in July They are essential to the structural integrity of the bridge. As additional Minneapolis Police Chaplains arrived, they bridhe providing services to the victim families, assisting them in locating family members, and providing a calm presence. Another part of the memorial includes a path leading to the bluff, overlooking the Mississippi River and the new IW Bridge.

Public safety officials told the team that postponing the game could hamper rescue and recovery efforts, since a postponement would send up to 25, people back into traffic only blocks from the collapsed bridge.

Even at this point, we can Cause Map useful, solution-focused steps to determine how the error went unnoticed in the load rating calculations. About 1, people gathered for an interfaith service of healing held at St.

Root Cause Analysis of the I-35 Bridge Collapse

Teams of officers were sent to hospitals to follow up with the injured, who had been transported to eight different medical facilities. And generally, this assumption is correct. Retrieved August 22,