A shaving horse, called a “shaveshorse,” by Lie-Nielsen, is designed for shaping long narrow pieces of wood. You sit on one end and pull a. The Lie-Nielsen shavehorse designed by Brian Boggs Woodworking Projects, Wood . Discover The Boggs Shaving Horse and The Story Behind The Design. A shaving horse plan which proved very well in the practice, and which Showing Brian Boggs new shaving horse design and how the shave horse moves.

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Look for blades that are as clean as possible. Lie-Nielsen says that you can bend the handles to your desired position, but recommends that you do so only once.

There are couple of ways to do this. Good antique brands to look for include P.

A New Breed of Shaving Horse – FineWoodworking

Sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how-to from Fine Woodworking, plus special offers. Because the maple block is softer than the steel the larger particles of the diamond paste tend to get pushed into the wood, leaving the very finest particles on the surface, resulting in a finer polish.

Condition shavig the handles. Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking. Log in nrian create an account to post a comment. Sign up Log in.

I use a small piece of plastic as a blade guard. I use the flat bottom shave for flat and convex work and the round bottom shave for concave work. Brian has a couple of very good videos on the Fine Woodworking web site. The optimal position of any knife is determined by the relationship of angle of the handles relative to the angle of the back of the blade.


Brian Boggs’ new shaving horse and Good Design Award

In this episode, Chris finesses the molding perfectly into place using a miter box and a degree shooting board. A prolific chairmaker, Brian has put in more time working with a shaving horsd than anyone. Sharpening a drawknife Drawknives can be a challenge to briaan with their long, curved blades.

Bevel up or down. This draw knife, with the handles set as they are, is definitely better to use in the bevel down position. The set-up block is a bit narrower than the blade which allows it to fit between the rollers.

Highlights Shape Your Skills when you sign up for our emails. A straight blade may be easier to sharpen brain on your sharpening method. To consistently set the bevel angle I use a simple set-up block.

The directions also work for the Stanleywhich is a commonly available older shave, and other metal body shaves as well. Brian wrote an excellent article for Fine Woodworking on taking a standard metal body, flat bottom spokeshave, such as the Record and fine tuning it into a great working shave.

Building a Chippendale Chair. Chris begins the layout process for the door joinery, and explains why through-mortises are the way to go on a door. Bevel up or bevel down? Both shaves use the same straight blade obggs are sharpened in exactly the same way. Shop Talk Live Podcast Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community.

Brian said he was disappointed in how little difference it seemed to make. Start your day FREE trial to continue reading this story.


Shaving Horse by Brian Boggs – Free Woodworking

Shavibg has completely redesigned the clamping head which now has an internal ratchet. In the bevel down position with the bevel flat on the wood as shown in the photo on the right, the back of the blade is quite a distance off the surface of the wood.

This knife is definitely better in the bevel down position. In both cases this is a pretty comfortable positions for my hands and wrists.

When asked how to sharpen a drawknife by students, Brian usually suggests a flat bevel and a flat back, assuming that most students will be unable to get a truly flat back and that it will fall off naturally or be slightly rounded over.

You could also use an Arkansas stone charged with the diamond paste. Using only hand tools, Chris Gochnour builds a Shaker classic that is as solidly constructed as it is beautiful. The Passage of Time. I bought a Lie-Nielsen horse when they first came out and used it for many years. Drawknives There are lots of drawknives available, brlan antique knives that you can find in flea markets or on eBay to excellent knives made by contemporary tool makers.

Another nice thing about the Kell honing guide is that I can hone the goggs of the blade without removing it from the guide. Shop Talk Live Podcast Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community.