BPT VLS/ relay can be used to control auxiliary devices such as alarms, stairway lighting, additional bell system. It is housed in a protective casing with an . Bpt VLS/ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bpt VLS/ Instruction Manual, Installation Instructions. BPT VLS/ BPTVLS BPT access control interface relay. AC/DC 10 to 24 volt. New, unused tested stock in original box with instructions. £ BPT.

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Power supply module 12 VDC 0.

BPT Group – products VLS/RELAY MODULE []

Share your thoughts with other customers. L LEDs Ds fo or v r v r vi isual con ontro t l of t the he status of the syst ystem: Btp rating ing IP Complete circuit board for control of entry panels 18 VDC – 1. Manual system programming button with indicator LED.

DPH code Double-height pushbutton complete with support and external protective cover, transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate Name window. Dim Dimen ension ons s: Embroidered landscapes and plants by ana teresa barboza. BPT takes the greatest care in selecting the materials used for its products, and utilizes eco-friendly manufacturing technologies.

The Th Th v vo vo v lum me e of t f he e mic m rophon one a e and the loudspeaker and the act action ioning ing ti time me for fo for the d door lock ck release c ca an be adjusted simply by by re remov moving i the front panel and li lif fting up p the th rubbe ber r protective covers, and and without having to access any ele electrical parts. Bt means that all the processes carried 11 by the company are closely supervised and controlled in order to guarantee the maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness in terms of the quality of our products and npt.


Once selected, the call from the entry panel is put t 11 hold and a call is made to the user. The por por orter te te switchboard can also be used to call the receiv ver ers ers rs d d directly y a and nd d t t to to o t transfer ca calls ma made from the entry panels. Purchase bppt the second receiver and the additional butt uttons for the entry panel.

Colour video receiver with hands-free audio, 3,5″ LCD display, 4: The systems are simple to wire up and extremely quick and easy 1101 programme. The wall-mounting kit PHKP can be used for wall i inst n all lla ation in a 3 3-mo -module e box, either vertically or horizontally, or in a 60mm c m irc cu ular box. Pro rotection on rat rating IP Fully co ompl mplian iant t with CEI -6 l l late ate atest st amendment.

The unit also features 6 6 s switch for programming of the com m mman man and, d, one one po p tentiometer for regulation of the activation time o of r f rela elay 1 y 1 door aperture and one LED indicating the the e data rec ecep eption status on the BUS line.

The terminals may display incoming calls and alarm messages.

BPT VLS – £ | PicClick UK

Adapters for most standard 6-module embedding boxes included. Fitted with terminals for connection of the device power supply modules.

Crossposted at business law professor blog at the end of next week, i will be bpf the university of vvls school of business and the thomas j. Power supply directly from X1 bus line. Supplied in m or m coils. Power supply 14 – 18 VDC, 60mA. If the call is transferred from the entry panel to a receiver, the external video image will be shown with the porter in PIP mode on the receiver.

control equipment and accessories

The call will be audible only from the receiver to which the button is connected, until the button is released. Local command for door lock, inputs for door lock release buttons. The number of power supply modules required depends on the number of entry panels and internal receivers in the audio or audio-video entry system. Designed for installation on DIN guides either on the wall or built into w wat atertight embedding boxe xes s.


Multiple access permits are associated with groups with which the individual users, too, are associated. Plastic hou housin ing g, for installation in electrical cal control panels EN Monday – Friday – holidays: The “Unit view” section can be used to enter advanced access control settings and for self-connection of the entry panels by the users.

Dou Double ble pu pushb shb butt uttons ons ca ca can b n be e used to o cr c eate extra-c com ompact t ent ent entry ry panels. Sm Small det det etail ai s t s that h ma ak ke the p product great: C The The porte rter r serv vice ices f s feat eature ure a simple interface for touch h pa panel nel nels s s als also o w with the he fol follow lowing ing main functions: Minimum cable curvature 80 mm.

However, the call can also be answ swe ered from the Slav ave r e re eceiver, r, to to which the vide deo call wil ill b l be t e ran ransf sferre rred w d wh hen the hand nds set is is li lifted. For detai tails, re refer er to BPT s catalogue of video entry systems. The call can be interrupted by either of the receivers by replacing the handset for receivers with handset or interrupting the call for handsfree models.