Help. This page covers some basic topics concerning the online Dictionary. About · Guestbook · Contact · Help. æ. þ. Advanced Search. Results 1 – 20 of A. It is not necessary to speak of the form of what are often called Anglo-Saxon letters, as all Teutonic, Celtic, and Latin manuscripts of the.

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Inthe entries were structurally re-tagged and the original typography was abandoned, though the immediate access to the scans of the paper dictionary was preserved. Alphabetically close entries are displayed to the left – items from the Main volume of the dictionary are in bold, items from the Supplement are not in bold. Corpus Glossariorum Latinorum, ed. Quoted bksworth page and number preceding the gloss. Althochdeutscher Sprachschatz von Graff. Libri Psalmorum versio antiqua Latina; cum paraphrasi Anglo-Saxonica, partim soluta oratione, partim metrice composita.

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Quoted by year, and by page, line, and column. It is thus described by Wanley: Seinte Margarete, edited by O. Skeat Early English Text Society.

Bosworth and Toller

The dictionary records the state of the English language as it was used between ca. The Oxford English Dictionary.

Available here are scanned page images and OCRed text of Bosworth and Toller’s An Anglo-Saxon Dictionaryboth the original dictionary and the supplement volume Elene, from the Codex Vercellensis. Quoted from The Apocryphal New Testament. The same abbreviation as the preceding has also sometimes been used for another work, which elsewhere is referred to as Glos.


The Romans of Partenay, edited by W. The correspondence of lines in the two editions is marked in the later. Legends of the Holy Rood, edited by R. Select pieces of Old English popular poetry, edited by J.

Glossae Mettenses in Mone Anzeiger, Turnbull, Abbotsford Club, A new edition by Tloler. Textus de Ecclesia Roffensi. Geschichte der Deutschen Sprache von Jacob Grimm.

Anglo-Saxonica maximam partem inedita publicavit C. Aldis Wright, and many corrections were made. English Gilds, edited tlller Miss L. A Saxon treatise concerning the Old and New Testament. Alistair Campbell’s “enlarged addenda and corrigenda” from are not public domain and are therefore not part of the online dictionary. Laws of King Ethelred. Poem on the victory of Athelstan, taken from the Chronicle.

The Dictionary This project is based on a digital edition of An Anglo-Saxon dictionary, based boswroth the manuscript collections of the late Joseph Bosworth the so tller Main Volume, first edition and its Supplement first editionedited by Joseph Bosworth and T. Now all entries from both the Main volume and the Supplement are sorted alphabetically and the nearest entries are displayed.

Poem on the death of Alfred, son of Ethelred, given in the Chronicle under the year Two of the Saxon Chronicles, ed.

” – Search | Bosworth–Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

A gloss of Isaiah 12,contained in the same MS. If the scanned page is displayed, an alternative citation line for the paper dictionary is also generated. The links are based on the BT headwords and the search engines of the external resources or Google, in case of the PIE. If you do this, please be sure to credit all of the people who have contributed to this project see above.


The same, edited by W. Herausgegeben von Moritz Heyne. If you want to cite the Online Dictionary in general, you may use the following or similar form: The Legend of the Cross, from a twelfth-century MS. The Old Saxon poem of the Heliand.

Basic Search Type your search string into the text box on the boswroth to see the suggested entries. In the bosorth part of the Dictionary the references are to Lchdm. Cursor Mundi, edited by R. Theodori Capitula et Fragmenta. Blickling Glosses, at the end of the Blickling Homilies. Cite the scanned version of the original dicionary like this: Laws of King Edgar, i ecclesiastical, ii secular. Quoted at first by chapter, later by page and line.