Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schltr. is a tropical plant that has been used as a spice and in traditional medicine. B. pandurata contains various bioactive. This plant has 8 different botanical names which are Boesenbergia cochinchinensis (Gagnep.) Loes., Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schltr. The medicinal plant, Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schltr., has been reported to possess anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties;.

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Extract of kava Piper methysticum and its methysticin constituents protect brain tissue against ischemic damage in rodents.

Topical hesperidin improves epidermal permeability barrier function and epidermal boesenberia in normal murine skin. Flavour and Fragrance Journal. Furthermore, it offers a feasible platform with defined, controllable chemical and physical conditions for metabolite engineering. Nicotera P, Melino G. Docking of noncompetitive inhibitors into dengue virus type 2 protease: This species belongs to the family of Zingiberaceae.

Prev Nutr Food Sci. Inhibition of Spoilage and Aflatoxin Producing Fungi Food spoilage due to spoilage fungi, such as boeeenbergia fungi, is a major concern among consumers.

It is also used to help make fermented soya bean cake, also called Tempeh, a traditional Indonesian food. The fresh rhizomes boseenbergia used to treat inflammatory diseases, such as dental caries, dermatitis, dry cough and cold, tooth and gum diseases, swelling, wounds, diarrhoea, and dysentery, and as a diuretic [ 1314 ].

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These amino boesrnbergia components are the main constituents of NMF, which plays a crucial role in water holding capacity of SC 10 Bioactive secondary metabolites from Boesenbergia pandurata of Myanmar and their preferential cytotoxicity against human pancreatic cancer PANC-1 cell line in nutrient-deprived medium. Specifically, transglutaminase catalyzes the formation of the isopeptide bond between proteins 6.


Feffstrup T, Boll PM. Profilaggrin is cleaved by proteases, such as matriptase and prostasin, which hoesenbergia profilaggrin into active filaggrin monomers participating in CE formation 12 The petals are white or light pink. The following year, Yanti et al. The ability boesenbergka BPE and panduratin A to induce CE formation was examined in cultured keratinocytes according to the protocol described previously 18 Both the colour of the central rhizome and the tubers are dependent on the variety of B.

Uptake into mouse brain of four compounds present in the psychoactive beverage kava.

Boesenbergia rotunda: From Ethnomedicine to Drug Discovery

Traditional Medicine in Asia. Supplementary Material Chemical structure of B. Neuroprotective effect of these compounds was also demonstrated through L-glutamate toxicity study. Trends Research in Science and Technology.

The BPE was obtained by filtration followed by solvent evaporation extraction yield was Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Inhibition of Biofilm Formation by Intestinal Pathogens Given the positive findings regarding the inhibitory activity of B. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The in vitro anti-giardial activity of extracts from plants that are used for self-medication by AIDS patients in southern Thailand.

Precursors are substrates or intermediates found in the biosynthesis pathways from which the secondary metabolites formed [ 82 bodsenbergia, while elicitors are physiological stimuli from various abiotic or biotic sources that trigger secondary metabolites accumulation [ 83 ].


Effects of biotic and abiotic elicitors on cell growth and tanshinone accumulation in Salvia miltiorrhiza cell cultures. Through SAR analysis, it was also suggested that the higher noncompetitive inhibitory activity shown by pinostrobin compared to the other compounds could be accounted for by H-bonding interaction with the backbone carbonyl of Lys74, which is bonded to Asp75 one of the catalytic triad residues.

The results showed that hydrostatic pressure can be used for compound secretion into the liquid medium.

Boesenbergia rotunda – Wikipedia

A Cytotoxicity of BPE. On the other hand, the chromosome count for B. Stereoselective synthesis of monomeric flavonoids. B Inhibition of oxidative damages by tert -butylhydroperoxide t -BHP.

Abstract The skin plays a key role in protecting the body from the environment and from water loss.

The BPE and panduratin A treatments increased the levels of filaggrin through up-regulating the expression of matriptase and prostasin and also the level of caspase Inhibition of Lipid Peroxidation in Brain Lipid peroxidation is the oxidative degradation of lipid, which is a damaging process as generation of peroxidation products leads to the spread of free-radical reactions.

Recently Korenaga et boesenberia.