Malmö, with its , inhabitants, is the third-largest city in Sweden. Since , Malmö has been connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge, yet it has. The theme of Bo01 is the City of Tomorrow in an ecologically sustainable information and welfare community. Beauty and stimulation are keywords in the new. Sweden’s first international housing exhibition, Bo01, will open on 17 May in Malmö. The “City of Tomorrow” in the ecologically sustainable information and .

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Many international tomoerow come to learn from the project. Bo01 — City of Tomorrow The project of Bo01 was fully granted with approx. The buildings of Bo01 City of Tomorrow are the first part in the process of transforming the former industrial area to a brand new living urban district. Retrofitting SUDS in an urban regeneration area.

Several houses with green roofs, solar panels, and a biogas composting-system linked to the organic house waste have also been erected.

The plan has been sculpted by the grandeur of the site the ocean, the expanse of sky, the horizon, the sunsetby very strong exposure to the wind from the west, and by the broad-meshed grid of boulevards in the district.

City of Tomorrow.

This is why Bo01, for the first time ever, is putting green ssues at the centre of attention. It is a process built on past lessons and the holistic approach providing lessons for similar projects in other cities. Yes, allow to load Add This.

The plan has also been shaped by our ambitions: Different instruments and policies of good governance have been used in the initiative. The household waste that is not separated for recycling goes into the vacuum refuse chutes where the waste is separated into organic waste and other waste. An effective energy usage is essential in order to reach the target of entirely locally produced renewable energy. Yes, allow to load Google Analytics.


Continuous exchange of information and trust in stable communications were the instruments which helped cope with most of the barriers and conflicts. Right at the start residents took part in the initial meeting to discuss the programme. A large amount of the organic waste produced in the area will be transformed to biogas in a new bio gas digesters. From one and a half storys to the height of six storeys. And as a result it has actually become more rational, more valuable to build, live and stroll around in.

Bo01 will show provocatively imaginative visions of future living, where high demands on aesthetics, ecology and high technology are combined with placing man in the centre. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first stage will be completed in May and will be included in the European Bo01 City of Tomorrow home exhibition.

The “City of Tomorrow” in the ecologically sustainable information and welfare society will be demonstrated and discussed until 16 September. Augustenborg — Eco City Engaging the public contained a few barriers and conflicts. This ensures orderliness and empathy on a grand scale and at the same time, gives space to discover a teeming, less tangible world on the inside of the large squares. The overall aim was to turn the neighbourhood into an environmentally adapted urban area.


The project Ekostaden Augustenborg was launched in and tomorrrow from to as an initiative of an extensive urban renovation programme by the local housing company MKB and the industrial estate. The organic waste is taken to the bio gas plant for digestion into bio gas which is then returned to the housing area.

Garden, park and nature are an important part of our housing conditions, and so in this tomoerow of the exhibition we want to present green projects which can’t rigger discussions concerning the importance of the garden to peopleof tomorrow.

Rainwater and seawater will be used in public spaces to support a broad range of species. All new houses were built based on ov environmental standards performing a good material use and energy efficiency. This means that you: Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 — City of Tomorrow. Vote for it 0.

Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 – City of Tomorrow

It was created as part of the European Housing Expo in and is notable for its sustainable character. Thus, an enormous challenge was to encourage stakeholders from the outset, albeit not knowing whether the project will be successful or fail. Ecological improvements of the local rainwater system for instance and of the housing stock were tpmorrow out in combination with approaching social issues, too.

The planning efforts and persistence in Bo01 expo area paid off.